Just curious--the name of this bag

  1. I bought this purse the last time I was in Vegas (at the Chanel boutique in Bellagio) and the SA put in in a huge box (I mean HUGE! like a box for the Cabas) because she said she couldn't find any thing smaller :shrugs: .

    She also put it in a plain shiny black/dark gray shopping bag (without the Chanel logo) that I've never seen before. Is this common? I meant for the logo-less paper bag and also the over-size box? Til this day I still don't know the name of my bag! (The huge box didn't have any sticker on it for the item# or the usual tiny illustration of the bag)

    Does anyone recognize the name of the purse? I attached a pic of the bag (sorry it's so small~ it's the only pic I have of it.. my mom was 'borrowing' it :smile: ) It has 3 compartments; front, back and one in the middle that opens/closes like a coin purse. It came in two sizes, I got the smaller one, which was around $26K pretax.. I think (I almost never return of resell my bags so I lose all my receipts almost immediately:p) hope someone knows what I'm talking about even with my useless description :p Thanks in advance guys! :balloon:
    1230 (5)_nEO_IMG.JPG
  2. aaah yes:love: Thy lovely Ritz:tender:
  3. omg is that what it's called, Swanky? i was wondering too...saw it and swooned...its fantastic, classic size but fits a ton 'cause the gorgeous leather is so soft and slouchy

  4. aw, man. it's the patent ritz! so pretty.
    i wish i had gotten that bag when it came out.
  5. It's SOOOOOO gorgeous!!!:love:

    Um Claudia, it doesn't come in denim . . .I'm sorry sweetie. . .

  6. Big thanks Swanky! Gee you guys really know your Chanel or what? :nuts: Yup, I love how it fits more than just a wallet and lipstick.. I overload my purses all the time so my classic flap wasn't doing it for me anymore.

    BTW, do you girls know if the plain paper bag thing is common? I hope I'm not making a big deal out of nothing but all my Chanel-lovin' friends claim that it's never happen to them before... just wondering.. :s
  7. OMG, I loveeeeeee that bag!!!!!!! Congrats oreocat!!

    Sorry I dont know anything about the shopping bag though :shrugs:
  8. ooooh so pretty!
  9. Very beautiful. If I had a money tree I'd own this bag too.:heart:
  10. Did I get the price right? 26K? I love the bag but it seems too pricey...
  11. love the Ritz. good choice
  12. I think the Ritz was $2600 not $26K which is $26,000.:yes:
  13. wow thats a gorgeous bag
  14. MMMM! I love that bag! i have as well and I am sooo happy with it!
  15. Congrats on your Ritz! I have it and love it, too! A simliar thing happened to me when I bought the bag. They put it in a HUGE box. But they got it into a Nordstrom shopping bag since that is where I got mine. I guess the dimensions are very different from other bags so it only fits into the big box.

    You will LOVE carry it!