just curious....price increase?

  1. Not to be alarmist and sorry if this has been discussed in more detail somewhere....

    I read elsewhere a brief mention of an upcoming BV price increase. Now I don't know if that's just for a particular style, leather, or if it's across-the-board, but I want to plan accordingly since I was originally going to wait until year's end for a purchase.

    I'm not near any stores to get the scoop from SAs - so ladies, what's the word on the streets?? TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I understand from the NY BV store, and had heard earlier from the SF BV store, that there is likely to be a price increase in the fall. The fall in retail starts around June.
    If the increase happens, it will be with the classic bags, and will be around 15-18% more.
  3. OUCH but thanks, Marly! This info should bolster my buy-now-to-save-later theory with DH... :graucho:
  4. ^^Oh wow, now i'm even more happy that I purchased my Veneta this winter!! Humm - maybe I should pick another BV up this summer before the price increase! (how's that for a rationalization!) hehe
  5. it makes you want to "stock up" now...:graucho:
  6. :wtf:

    I'm so dead. I'm never gonna be able to afford any BV now!! :crybaby:
  7. Extra incentive to buy now! But which styles are considered "classic" besides the veneta and ball?
  8. I think the prices has increased in BV London already because the Julie bag costs 730pounds A/W 2006 and for S/S 2007 it costs 845pounds
  9. The Cocker, Sloane and Campana. You can check out the classic styles and colours at BV website (under Online Shopping/Icons Selection).
  10. I asked about this last week and the SA said either June or July... I can't remember! Can anyone confirm? I was told it happened once a year and he implied it was the same time each year.
  11. This is never good news... but just the way it works. I thought my bag was pretty pricey, and now it will just be even pricier!
  12. I guess it just makes the good bags we have now more valuable. Cuts down on me getting more on my wish list, tho. Those seasonal colors come out and I can't resist them.
  13. In Singapore, they told me that there will be a price increase in April and/or October.... this made me snatch up the zip around wallet in Ebano as they said this item has been going up in its price each year.
  14. I read somewhere that classic BV styles like the Cabat etc don't go on sales, and their values increase over the years, so I suppose it's true that prices are revised regularly.

    Boy am I glad my spree is over! :p
  15. Oh NO! Don't make me break my BV ban until I'm in Venice in July! :sad: