Just curious-how old were you when you got your first Birkin?

  1. I hope this doesnt offend anyone-i am simply just curious. I asked the SA the same question and she said I would be surprise the amount of young people nowadays put their names on the waitlist for a Birkin.
  2. LOL, yeah I bet they figure that by the time it shows up they will be able to afford it because they've been in the workforce for 10 years. LOL!

    I was 31 or 32 I think when I got my first one. I had Kelly bags before that though.
  3. i got my first birkin almost two weeks ago at 26.
  4. I got my 1st birkin at age 22...
  5. Was drawn into the Hermes World with a Birkin at 36.
  6. i am hoping to get mine before im 40!
  7. Still, havent got one, and I am 41. Actually I am not 100% sure if I want one!!! Too many Bolides and Kellys on my wishlist :p
  8. 35....
  9. When i was 27, and i only turned 28 in May.
  10. 37 10/12 :upsidedown:
  11. 34?
  12. 26 (luckily it was my dream birkin!)
  13. 36, my first Hermes bag at, I think 32 or 33
  14. 36
  15. Birkin? 33.