Just curious: How many of us have been complimented on our bbags from male coworkers?

  1. Funny story.

    DH just came back from a business trip and told me he noticed a coworker was sporting a bbag. He complimented her and she seemed really surprised that he actually knew what a Balenciaga was. He replied "My wife has that problemn too";) I thought it was so funny. Of course I wanted to know the color and forgetting he's color blind the reply was "some blue" Anyway, just curious. Have we corrupted our men as well? Has this happened to you?
  2. Yes we have!! My DH actually gets a kick out of spotting them when we're out! He gets as excited as I do- it's hilarious! He's got the names of the colors down (just the ones I own) and said 'Look, there's a Vert d' Eau" I almost fell over! So proud of my bbag spottin' biker dude:supacool:
  3. ^^ only gay male co-workers :p

    p.s. they're the only ones with any taste (lol!!!)
    p.p.s. i work in advertising & most guys wear
    jeans & a t-shirt to work
  4. I get lots of compliments from male co-workers (yes, straight ones even!), but they don't know I'm carrying a Balenciaga. They just like the colors and leathers.
  5. My dh does that too. He compliments me when I carry my bbags which is everyday :p.
  6. I got a very nice compliment from a male co-worked (Director of Marketing) on my Grenat Work :work:

    And then my boss (a big wig VP) sent me a link to the Ashton Kutcher article recommending that we accessorize our DHs with our new Balenciaga's!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Not co-workers, and no one that new my bag by name, but I have been complimented on my Bbags by males. My Magenta and my BG Pink bags have gotten the most attention out of all my bags, and the only ones that guys have remarked upon.
  8. And what do they say about the shoes?!?! :graucho:

  9. My male hairdresser complimented me on mine today after some female hairdressers were going nuts on my sandstone city. Not sure yet if he is gay since I have only gone to him twice.
  10. Ditto! (to ALL of the above--I work in advertising too!)
  11. not a coworker, but my boyfriend went crazy on the phone the other day saying something like "you're going to LOVE the final episodes of Heroes, Claire is wearing a Balenciaga black bag!"

    ha! ha! ha! he's so cute:love:
  12. The doctor (my boss) always notices my bags, especially the Bbags, he's told me that he really likes my lilac Work. He also blames me for getting his wife into handbags, he claims that I will no longer receive yearly raises if she continues to shop for bags with me! :roflmfao: As if she'd let him get away with THAT!
  13. Yesterday one of my (straight) co-workers complimented on my Aqua City- I don't think he knows the brand Balenciaga but he did however say "that's a hot bag you have."
  14. :amazed:Now why am I surprised that a gal who knows her Pink Eel Very Prive Louboutin's, also knows how the guys love em!:p

    Oh yes, we know the men love gals in high heels! My DH is one. I have to admit that I get lots of wear out of my Louboutin's, LV's, and other's, and there are a select few that have never seen pavement, yet I still use them alot!
  15. ^^ Oh Deana!! :wtf::shocked::graucho: Hahahaha! Those are some hot heels!