Just curious, how many more...

  1. bags do you expect to get before your collection is complete? I mean realistically speaking...

    Myself, dos mas... For now at least..:p :angel:
  2. Honestly I would be happy with 3 bags; a Kelly, a Lindy and a Birkin. Unfortunately I still have none.
  3. ^ Oh sweetie, don't despair. Miracles do happen. You'll get them.. Trust me, I should know!:yes:
  4. Hmm... hermes lemming...you good for now? may I ask whats your (for now) lucky number to be content?

    As for me...I guess..maybe 3 or 4 more. Since I always end up selling everything I don't use (we only have 2 arms and carry 1 bag with us everytime we go out so I don't really really know why I need to keep say...100 bags?) But more is merry..... Tough!
  5. i'd love to get a 28 cm kelly and then a 30 cm birkin. i can wait :p
  6. LOL - Yorelica - I only meant who knows what my tastes may be in a decade or two, KWIM?
  7. I'll love to have a 35cm Birkin, a 30cm Birkin and a Kelly!
    Still waiting for Hermes Bag no.1 though....
  8. Three more bags would complete my Hermes collection (not counting the Black Birkin that I'm expecting shortly): Two Birkins (Gold and Rouge Garrance) and a Black Box Kelly.
  9. Not many for me either -4. One more birkin that has to be ebene / havane chevre, and I think 2 other bags. Don't know exactly what style but one will have to be rouge H. The last one I'll decide one day. I have no idea, I'm just sure I'll want another one. Perhaps it will be a Lindy.
  10. You're being good if you're aiming only for two more.

    Every time I add another to the collection (I try for different sizes and styles rather than the same bag in different colours) I realise there's YET another hole to be plugged.

    So which are the two more that would complete your collection for now?
  11. Do clutches count?

    I'm just starting out in my collection and I'm still a bit overwhelmed by my kelly so I think a bolide and a birkin would satisfy me for a very long time. But, I'm head over heels in love with the Jige and I can't really see myself buying enough of them. I keep telling myself and DH, aka mr. creditcardcontroller, that they are a great way to experience leather/color combos before I make a big commitment with the birkin or bolide. :rolleyes:
  12. I would be satisfied with two more H- bags:
    -Black Kelly 32cm
    -Black Birkin 30 cm

    And a few more twillys and scarves:sweatdrop:
  13. I think I should be ok with another 10 more :p :p :p ( :graucho: )
    Clutches obviously count as half .
  14. The number will depend on how well I like the new colors that the Medor is coming in. Black box with gold hardware is definitely one. That beige color (getting conflicting reports as to the name) is nice and there are a few more new colors I have yet to see that I'm curious about. Rouge H, while I love this color, I don't think will work for this bag.
  15. Unsure - I have a nice collection and like to keep numbers down - however I usually want more - and have to sell one to buy one (my own personal rule)...but very much am trying to be happy with all I have; however....the next something will be swift!