Just curious~how many LV purse You guys Have~

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  1. For me, I usually recycle my purses pretty fast, I only kept some I love the most, others I will sell them for more new purse. :wlae:

    So, up to now. I have 8 LV purses(well, we now here only count the "LV Bags", not wallet or some other collections~) how about you guys~:confused1:
  2. Not enough....its never enough....{{{sigh}}}
  3. I currently have 12 bags & 7 accessories pieces.
  4. i have 10 bags and 3 accessories
  5. Oh dear, just counted: 17 bags and 15 accesorries for a total of 32 LV pieces.
  6. 9~ but as I change my mind, so do my bags LOL!
  7. I have 9 plus some accessories and shoes. Not too bad, but still never enough! I have only ever sold an agenda that I never used.
    My collection includes:
    Mono Keepall 55
    Monogram montsouris (the largest size)
    Mono Med Looping bag
    Mono Papillion
    Denim Baggy PM
    Cerises Speedy
    Multicolor Pouchette
    Mono Pouchette
    Anouchka (I think its mini mono glacee? The largest one)
    Accessories include some phone charms, key cles', shoes and wallets. I think I need to branch off from so much monogram stuff though.
  8. Collection :
    MC Alma
    MC Speedy
    MC Keepall
    Stratus GM
    Patchwork Speedy

    Acces -
    Bindi Sunglasses
    MC Small Agenda
  9. 15 at the moment. i think there's another thread similar to this somewhere. try searching for it. :smile:
  10. Bags:
    Mono Batignolles
    Mono Coussin GM
    Mono Recital
    Mono Papillon 26
    black Epi Segur PM
    vanilla Jasmin
    lilac Epi Pochette
    Damier Sarria Mini
    Damier Recoleta
    Damier Illovo PM
    Damier Azur Pochette
    ebene Mini Lin Speedy
    silver Miroir Pochette
    pink Trapeze PM
    pink CB Pochette

    ...which totals to 15 bags, but I feel that I'm missing one and I can't count at the moment since I'm away from home.

    Including accessories, that's 30 LV items and hopefully I'll add the below 9 items on my sig by the end of this summer!
  11. Wow. I don't have anywhere near as many as some of you do. I'm just starting out and trying to stay in a budget.

    I only have 4: cherise pochette, mono speedy, cabas piano, and (my new love) azure speedy.
  12. i have 8 bags and number 9 coming soon YEH!!!!

  13. Epi agenda PM + Mono Credit Card Holder too:sweatdrop:
  14. I have one that I just bought this year. I bought a damier speedy 25. My next bag will be either a mongrammed speedy 25, a min lin in dune speedy, or a neverfull mm.
  15. I have 6 and here is my list and I can't wait to keep adding to it!

    Pink CB Papillion
    Musette Salsa
    Cerise Sac Plat
    Dentelle Kirsten
    Olympe Stratus PM