Just Curious... How Many Individual Rings Do You Wear At Once?

  1. Sorry I couldn't locate another thread with same information. But I am curious how many rings do you ladies wear at any one given time? And how many do you thinks is too much?

    Myself, I wear 4 individual rings at once. Three are stacked on my ring finger (2 anniversary rings with my E-Ring in the middle) and 1 "right hand" ring. ;)

    So how about you?
  2. ONE - my right ring finger (always)

    ONE - my left middle finger (occasionally) :wlae:
  3. Generally 2. My wedding and a pinky ring.
  4. i just have one ring, so only one for me *at the moment* lol
  5. Just the one on my right-hand middle finger. I've just started wearing it on my left middle finger though so that I can wear another right-hand ring. Sounds confusing :S
  6. I'm a complete traditionalist. My engagement and wedding rings on my left hand and one on my right hand ring finger. That one is either a black pearl and diamond ring or a gemstone and diamond ring that matches my outfit.
  7. I wear two. One on my left ring finger (promise ring) and one on my right ring finger (whatever ring I pick to wear for the day).
  8. I wear 2 everyday, my diamond solitaire on my ring finger/left hand and my thick sapphire/diamond ban on my ring finger/right hand.
  9. I wear 4. Engagement ring, a diamond band above and below it. On the right hand a I wear Yurman.
  10. I wear up to 5 at a time - my engagement and wedding bands on left hand ring finger, and 3 stacking rings on my right hand ring finger. Sometimes instead of the 3 stacking rings I wear a thick band on my right hand middle finger. I used to wear pinkie rings occasionally, but for some reason haven't done that in the past 5 year or so.
  11. I wear 3 rings, my wedding band/e-ring and a small diamond heart ring on my ring finger on my right hand.
    Occasionally I wear cocktail and costume jewelry rings, always on my right hand.
  12. Generally only one. I have a white gold diamond band I wear on my right hand and sometimes I wear something on my left. I have a pretty emerald and diamond band ring that is sized to fit a ring finger so I'll wear that and I have a few rings that fit my middle finger.
  13. I sometimes wear just my eng. ring and wedding band. Other times I wear a right hand ring. I have 6 or so that go from pretty blingy to everyday type (a few David Yurman). I bought a Cartier pearl ring that is in white gold and has black onyx detail that only fits on my pinky but I could never get into it. I may have it resized. I notice on the view that Barbara Walters occasionally wears a beautiful diamond ring on her pinky. It looks great on her.
  14. i wear three rings on my left ring finger that form my wedding set and one ring on my right middle finger as well.
  15. 3 one engagment ring,one wedding band and one right hand ring.Thats it!!