Just curious... How many have ordered a pleated ergo satchel?

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Which one have you already ordered?

  1. Pink Patent

  2. Navy Patent

  3. Tan Patent

  4. Natural Leather

  5. Black Leather

  6. Orange Leather

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I want to know how many people have ordered one... if you have two or more then select all the ones you have.
  2. I wish LOL.

    I'm going to the Coach store tomorrow to see about a repair. I want to try one on first and see it in person so hopefully and SA will have one!
  3. Pink patent!:love::girlsigh:
  4. Navy patent on her way :yahoo:
  5. ^^Me too! I hope anyway. If my order gets cancelled I am going to be sooooo mad! :hysteric::boxing:
  6. Black and burnt orange on their way!
  7. I didn't vote, but I really want to order a natural leather one... :s
  8. PINK PATENT!!!!It should be in on WEDESDAY!!
  9. The Natural leather one!:heart:
  10. I got navy! (it's ok that I already ordered and got her, right? Or did you only want people to vote that have only just ordered?)
  11. I bought the Pink Patent but I already returned it, it just wasn't me!
  12. Hi all, yes if you ordered and received her by all means vote. I was just trying to get an idea of how many orders have been placed by tPFers just not those that were still thinking about it.
  13. I ordered the navy yesterday, we'll see if it makes it here since inventory was low. Here's hoping!
  14. Same here. I'm quite freaked out about it actually since I haven't gotten a shipment email yet. :confused1:
  15. I didn't vote because I'm on a ban, but if I could order one, it would be the pink patent.