Just curious.....how many CLs are in your closet???

  1. Let's see who has the largest collection of CLs in their closet. FYI....this thread will not be shown to any SO or parents! Haha Let the counting begin....

    I have 6, so far......:happydance:
  2. so far only 8
  3. 16 but it will be 14 by the end of the day.
  4. FedEx delivery from Saks just now.......make that 8!!! SQUEAL

    Nude Patent Prive Peeps and Black Come Boots (sale from $1095 to $423). Had to buy them for that price!:yahoo:

  5. Oh nude patent Privé's ......:drool:

    I have only six, I started out a little over a month ago.
    I did order the ariella talon from mytheresa and they should come in early next week that would make it 7.
  6. :lol:why even mention my 3
  7. only 2...hehe.
  8. I will just say this....they are no longer in a closet, they have practically taken up my entire bedroom.
  9. I think the crown may go to Asha! :queen:

    I haven't counted in a while, but last time I took a tally I was at > 40.
  10. I think I have like 10? I have two possibly coming by March.

    Do you guys ever think that one pair of CL = a bag of some sort? Its like buy a LV Speedy 25 every time!
  11. I agree, I think that Asha takes the crown on this one. And to think that her addiction only started a few months ago!
  12. No, never, I think that CLs are much more worthy than an LV or any bag for that matter. Except an H bag or Chanel of course.
  13. Currently 20. Will go up to 21 or 22 based on what I end up deciding between the Declic 100, Declic 120 and Catwoman.
  14. I have around 10, with another few on order. I sold a few recently, so I need replacements. ;)
  15. When I bought my first Balenciaga bag, I thought, this is equal to my mortgage! Ever since then I have been desensitized with the price of CLs or bags. I was able to accumulate so much last year because of a job promotion, but I have since stepped down from that position, yet still spend like I never left. I am trying to slow down.