Just curious...has anyone ever owned a Cromia?? (Made in Italy)

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  1. Just got one as a gift from someone who recently shopped in Florence. It is quite a lovely bag. Very ornate with hardware, and it is featured on their website (cromia.com)as part of their fall line.... Don't know this designer, but was just curious if there are others of you out there who own one. Thanks very much:yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. I saw one a couple of months ago at TJ Maxx, and it was quite nice. Prior to that I'd never heard of them.
  3. Just purchased one yesterday. According to "some" may not be as fashionable as the more notable designer labels, but I lovre the look & feel. Mine is white smoshy leather. Can't wait to use it!
  4. Never heard of it, though I'm Italian!
  5. For those who may wish to know, I've only recently been introduced to this line by way of a TJMaxx purchase. A lifelong addiction to equestrian sports and frequent participation, one easily has a chance to see how truly fine leather-work looks, feels and behaves with time and with proper care. To answer the question and judging only by a 1st purchase, I think it's a lovely product -- looks like a four to five hundred dollar bag. My only reservation is a production mistake likely is why it didn't end up at a Bloomingdale's at greatly an increased price. Since it involves the omission of a small decorative element upon a handle, I can wrap a pretty scarf or contrive up some sort of bauble ... No one will ever know. It's probably good to thoroughly vet a bag bought through a discount entity (retail or online). Chances are good it couldn't pass critical QC, though often these things are almost imperceptible. Good to know however manufacturers of the highest caliber (high ranking designers in particular) will often destroy a product with any irrevocable defect rather than chance sacrificing a valued reputation regardless of wares or product.
  6. Hey Compass,
    I've seen Cromia before at TJMaxx several times. I don't know alot about them beyond what a google search can yield, but they had one in particular (kind of a leather bowling bag style) that I kept carrying around contemplating. What stopped me was the color, just wasn't something I'd use very much in my wardrobe. If it had been another color it would have been mine for sure that day! Some of them seemed kinda stiff, others were squishier. I liked several styles, and I'll be curious to hear how yours 'holds up'.

  7. Hi, LewLew! I had to laugh when this thread came up. At first I saw "Cromia", and got all excited and then I realized that it was me that started it! I have since sold my Cromia to a friend because it truly was a bit to ornate for my taste, but the workmanship was really over the top on it, and yes, I have seen a couple at TJM myself since then.
  8. I have seen Cromia advertised in Fashion magazines like Bazaar and In Style. As far as I know, it is a high quality brand manufactured in Italy.
  9. I live in Italy. I have seen Cromia lots in the Magazines but I think they are new.
    Alot of new designers start new brands but most of the Manufacturers in Italy are all well-linked meaning eg. the Producer of Prada(factory that makes Prada bags) could also be making bags for another brand...
    So Cromia could definately be using the same Manufacturers of International Brands but it's definately a newbie!

    I have seen some of their bags and they look nice!
  10. I just purchased a large suede hobo Cromia in a camel/saddle color at TJMAXX. It was $140, about a $100 off the original price. It looks very well made and really original from the bags you see everyday. I have only used the bag for 2 days now, but, so far, I'm enjoying it.
  11. I just saw an ad for Cromia for the first time in the most recent issue (December 2008) of a German fashion magazine, Jolie. So, of course, I had to check here if anyone else has heard of this brand. Haven't seen any Cromia bags in real life, tho'.
  12. Just googled the brand and saw some lovely bags, as well as very ornate ones that just aren't me. As I googled further, they came up on iOFFER! Just shows the extent of counterfeiting. I had never heard of this brand, but clearly SOME people have!
  13. I have a python bag by Cromia and I love it.

    Once or twice a year a bunch of Cromias will show up at TJMaxx (followed in a few days by eBay listings for the same). They are usually pretty interesting.
  14. I brought out my Cromia the other day, and I just remembered this thread! Here are pics of my suede Cromia from my October post ^^ :smile: It's sooo soft!


  15. nwhite, I remember seeing that bag and drooling over it a bit!