Just curious does the black quilted caviar WOC only comes in shw and not ghw?

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  1. I'm just curious does the timeless black quilted caviar WOC only comes in shw and not ghw? I received an email from an SA from Saks and she said the timeless black quilted caviar only comes in shw at Saks and from most of the pictures I've seen here are the ones I only see in shw too. So does a timeless black quilted caviar WOC exist in ghw?
  2. I have only seen silver on the quilted ones as well. I have seen GHW on vintage quilted WOC's but not newer ones. The envelope caviar WOC comes with GHW! I just love WOCs!
  3. other than the vintage (slightly bigger) versions, none... reason why i got a reissue gh instead for my 1st. i just luv chanel quilting :amuse:
  4. No reason why, but they were produced only with silver hardware. I can't really see that WOC being very popular if it had gold hardware though. Gold would make it way too mature, at least for my taste. Kind of incongruous with its size which makes it such a great casual bag.
  5. Really? I think the gold would make it gorgeous and more appealing, but maybe it's because I like my Chanels in black with gold hardware. Anyways thanks everybody for clearing this up. I'm not getting a woc for a long time, but sometime in the future.
  6. ^Yeah it's a matter of personal preference, so I reckon someone (maybe Karl) decided that gold and quilted WOCs didn't go together. Kind of like how 10C red only came with silver hardware, even though I think that particular shade of red would've been lovely with gold. :shrugs: