Just curious, do you login to TPF daily?

  1. Ever since I joined there hasn't been a day (except for when we went on vacation w/o a laptop) that I haven't logged on to TPF... Are you guys the same way? It's like routine, check my mail, check eluxury/vuitton.com, then tpf. Or am I weird?
  2. I am on TPF at least 8 minimum hours a day. I can't get enough.
  3. Yep!
  4. Me too. It's part of my daily routine, just like checking email.
  5. yes! :yes:
  6. same routine here!!!
  7. I'm on TPF during most of my free time. I usually wake up at around 10:30 each morning, login to TPF right away, eat lunch at around noon, get back on TPF at 1, and then get ready for work at 3, come home from work at 11 or 12 at night, and I'm on TPF until 2/3 :p

    Sometimes I may take a break and look on eBay, LT's site, rakuten, play some games, etc...but TPF dominates most of my time :p
  8. Yes, i do log in everyday just to check on stuff and read on other's experiences with LV. And also to salivate at other ppl's buys!! Ha Ha...
  9. I had never logged out since I joined it, but I did surf other sites or turn off my computer sometimes...he he...
  10. lol i do .. it's an addiction on top of the bag addiction :p.
  11. ^^That's a really good way to put it petrina_yeo! I'm addicted to tPF as well!
  12. thanks Cheryl (luvpurses24) :blush:. it's the truth haha :true:.
  13. I am ALWAYS on here!
  14. Of course :yes:
  15. I most definitely log on to tPF daily.

    The only time I'm not on here is when I go to WORK, COLLEGE, LV BOUTIQUE and when I go to SLEEP. :biggrin: