Just Curious... Do YOU Leave Feedback???


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
I have been using ebay since I cleaned my closet out last September to sell my old stuff. I feel like I am more than friendly to all my buyers--I always ship immediately, give them tracking numbers, and enclose a nice thank you note with every purchase. Also, as soon as they pay, I leave them glowing positive feedback :biggrin:

So I'm left wondering, why don't my buyers ever leave me feedback? After I know they receive their item, I send them a nice message making sure that they are in love with it, and I remind them to leave me nice feedback. I have two buyers now who haven't left me feedback in over a month. What is going on here? Is it really that hard to write 80 characters about how great the sale was? Feedback is a huge part of ebay because it helps make it a safer environment. Why won't they just leave me feedback??

My question is... do you always leave feedback? If you don't, why not? I'm just hoping this will shed some light on the situation.

Thanks in Advance! ;)


No such thing as too many
Feb 6, 2006
I always leave feedback. But I sell, too, so I realize how important it is. I'm having the same problem, though. Like you, I am a good seller- ship very fast, package my items nicely, contact them with tracking info, etc.. You'd think that's the least they could do! I'm waiting on TEN feedbacks right now! I emailed them last night "reminding" them to please do it. ;)


Jul 4, 2006
I dont use ebay much now but as a buyer I do leave it if I am happy with the whole transaction. The last one I had the item was received in good condition (although it had the worst smell but its clothing with tags so I can just wash it) but the seller was slow at shipping, really rude when I contacted them so I havent left anything as yet.
As a seller I rarely leave it since they took the ability for sellers to leave honest feedback and added the stars which buyers abuse a bit. So I pretty much never leave it. There are certain little things I will leave feedback for (which a personal specifications) but mostly, no, I wont. I think the whole system is flawed anyway and untrustworthy. Its only really good for buyers to be able to see the negatives about a seller which is all I look for when buying, I dont read the positives (also it doesnt help sellers know who are good buyers)


Butterflies & Books
Feb 12, 2010
@ The Library!
I always leave feedback as soon as I receive an item and I'm happy with it. On the (extremely!) rare occasion that I'm not satisfied, I've never had trouble working it out with the seller.

I have found, though, that lately many sellers don't leave feedback for me even after I've left it for them. One actually told me I didn't deserve feedback because I'd gotten too good a deal on an item. "Well, honey," I thought to myself, "I didn't pay less than your opening bid!"

So, in answer to your question, yes. I leave feedback. Always.


~Love My Dogs~
Mar 15, 2009
I always leave feedback, but I'm a seller also and know how important it is! I wish all my buyers would have left me feedback, I work hard for it!
Apr 15, 2007
Do leave feedback as think it is important especially when a seller has been

particularly professional..there are many hard working ebayers out there and they

do deserve the feedback when they have done a good job ..


Mar 8, 2010
I leave fb once I receive the items or once fb is given to me by buyers. Although I do tend to wait out until I receive fb first.


Nov 18, 2009
I always leave feedback, it take half a minute and it helps other ebayers. I wait untill i receive the item though, or when the item i have send is safe ank "OK'd" by the buyer . the transactions are not complete until both parties are satisfied.
I have won stuff where the seller has given me immediate feedback as to being a "wonferdul ebayer" simply on the basis of me having paid - IMO that is too soon - for all they know i could be a major PITA down the line or a total scammer... So - when both parties are satisfied, my feedback will always appear!