Just curious - cost of fall/winter wardrobe?

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  1. So far, I'm good. I only bought one pair of Current/Elliot jeans that I think were $209. I think I'd rather have a j12 watch than clothes this year! :confused1:Have any of you ever figured out what you spend or anticipate spending for the Fall/Winter season? I know it could be a scary thought!
  2. too much and more to come. i think f/w is the most expensive season because i need new coats, boots, sweaters, and tops. its terrible because im still a student but i think maybe around $2000+... which is terrible for a student in my position. then again, i intend for these pieces to last for a few years at least.
  3. I think you can get a few new sweaters for under 100 each, and I also suggest getting a 3 pairs of pants or so that are warm, for around 100. I think, if you add it all up, you can spend anywhere from under 1000 to 2000. There are so many places out there that you can find good deals, so if you spend OVER 2000, that's just insane. You can find things for half that price that are just as good and warm.
  4. $2000 doesn't sound enough if you include bags and shoes. And I'm not even talking about LV and Gucci. But if you purchase a bag or two in the $300-$500 range, shoes are expensive - how much clothing can you really get for $1000? I've been eyeing those SWORD jackets and some others that are at least $750. That is why I think I should skip clothing this year to fund my J12!
  5. i agree with you. things add up to quickly so its so easy to go over 2000. im only spending this much this year because im buying heavy coats and boots. if i went designer, i could spend over 2k on just a coat. everyone has different price points.
  6. Funny you should ask, I just decided last week that I'm having a max budget of 3K for this fall/winter (never spent this much on fashion, and in dire need to getting new stuff).

    This includes a few things I already bought, all of which are needed, and I'm at about the halfway mark already. So far, I got a black Mackage trench for fall, waiting for a BE bag in pewter, and a pair of Michael Kors booties. I really would love a SWORD jacket but if I do that, I only have a couple to spend on clothes, and I need a few more cardigans and long tees.:sweatdrop:

    I think my problem is I waited too many years to jump on the fashion train and now I have to do one big haul just to have decent basics for work and play. If my wardrobe isn't so disastrous at the moment, I think $2000 could get a few quality stuff. Thank God I can go with my winter coats for a couple more years I think, but I already have my eyes on the Burberry or Mackage wool trenches.
  7. Several years ago I read an article that featured the clothes shopping budgets of three different women (high-end, mid-end, and lower end). The high-end woman spent around $20,000 each spring and fall on just clothing and shoes! The article didn't mention handbags but I'm sure her closet was full of Hermes, Chanel, LV, etc. Her personal yearly income was $100,000 so she could afford pretty much anything she wanted. Plus, she was married to some tycoon so she was able to spend her paychecks entirely on herself.
  8. OMG :smile:
    I just spent $80 on pair of pumps, + have dark burgundy/purple pumps for $30 which I bought in June, and I consider to buy black dressy vest. Everything else I get season or two ago, including cashmere coat, boots, handbags and gloves. I'm always go before the fashion, means I buy something, and in a year it becomes trendy.
  9. Fall is expensive because coats are expensive. I have no idea what I will spend but I am going shopping next week! I will probably buy dresses and a coat and some more shoes. Depends on what I see.
  10. I'm going to try to keep it to a minimum this fall and just get some basic items - just a few sweaters or tops and maybe upgrade my black boots. Otherwise I have the other areas pretty much covered. I do think I need to add some color to my wardrobe; and Ive also sworn off turtleneks - Ive just decided that they look too bad on me.

    I would probably never spend over $100 on any article of clothing, except a coat or shoes of course.
  11. I'm going to try to stay under 1000 for this fall. But that's also because I'm a student, so I don't have a lot of extra income.