Just curious... before you had kids, were you super-attached to having a boy vs. girl

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  1. My boyfriend thinks it is completely bizarre that I am absolutely attached to the idea of only having male children. I know this will sound absolutely awful, and I don't intend for it to, but my strong preference is for boys. I think it's only natural to imagine what your future household will look like, and I just cannot picture myself as the mother of girls. IS THAT WEIRD?!

    Anyway, were any of you absolutely attached to the idea of having a boy or a girl? It seems like most of my girlfriends really want girls.
  2. I really, really, really wanted girls. I am the oldest of four kids - a girl (me), a girl, a boy and a boy. My brothers were nightmares. Add in ADHD and a dysfunctional home with a mom who had basically *given up* parenting by that time and you get uncontrollable boys. NO WAY did I want that.

    Ideally though, I wanted one of each, but first a girl just to be sure we had one.

    It sounds so funny to me now that I type that because I cannot imagine having a girl now and wouldn't give up my boys for anything. However, when at my ultrasound with #1 announced 99.9 sure it was a boy, I did shed a few tears in the bathroom immediately afterwards, but that pity party ended there as I got ready for my son.

    About the time my son was three I realized that I didn't have a sex preference any more. I loved being a mom to a boy. I have told my son several times that he helped me come to realize that boys are good.

    Skip ahead five years, add in a miscarriage, several blighted ovums and 2.5 years of infertility and I found I was pregnant again. I *so* didn't care if it was a boy or girl and when I got confirmation that all was good via the amnio, I was totally OK with having a second son.

    The only 'loss' I feel is that the name I had chosen never got used - kind of like a child that never came to be, but other than that, I have no sorrow for having sons only. I just know it will mean I have to be nice to my son's wives to be sure I'm as involved as I want to be in my son's and grandchildren's lives, but I also don't miss the barbie and pink and purple thing either. I'm so not a girlie-girl, so maybe it was best I didn't have girls!

    So, yes, I had a definite preference going into it, but changed my mind and am happy with what I have.
  3. Before I became pregnant I always said that I wanted a a house full of boys...no girls, but when I found out that I was pregnant I instantly didn't care whether I would be having a boy or girl, I just wanted a HEALTHY baby!! I am having a boy, but I would been just as happy with a little girl!
  4. I wanted a girl...was over the moon when the first ultrasound suggested it was a girl. I bought everything pink, made a pink nursery and guess what I got? A BOY!

    However DS has a personality pretty much like mine when I was a kid, he gets disturbed by the same stuff, likes the same things and so I find it easy to identify with him and help him. If you asked me now, I'd say that the personality of the child makes a great deal of difference - much more than the sex.
  5. I always imagined I would have one of each, but truthfully, I didn't care one way or another - only because I knew that it was completely out of my control, so I refused to allow myself to get attached to the idea of one over the other. I have 2 boys and simply cannot imagine having girls. The thought of it kinda scares me actually, lol!! We are done though, so no worries there!
  6. I really wanted a girl. I am girlie and love all things girlie but would have loved my baby if it were a boy too. I was convinced because I wanted a girl so bad that my baby was a boy and had his name picked out (even though my gut said girl) and it is a girl confirmed twice, maybe three times this weekend :biggrin:

    Bottom line is I want a healthy baby with no complications etc which we all do. I think once LO is born you fall in love.
  7. I kind of felt this way. I had my boy first and really wanted a boy with the first pregnancy. I never pictured myself as a mom of a girl, I had brothers, all uncles and no bio aunts etc. When I found out #2 was a girl I was happy but a little anxious. She is amazing though, I wouldn't change who or what she is for the whole world. She is smart and independent and beautiful and just amazing. My son is just as amazing in his own way. I guarantee when and if you have a girl your feelings about this will change, I can't explain it really because I thought I felt the same as you describe but it totally changes once they are here !
  8. When I found out I was pregnant, I longed for a girl. Before then, I always wanted a girl first. The thought did not even cross my mind that I might end up with a boy. And I did. I was disappointed because for years I always thought I would have a girl.

    Of course, now I wouldn't change having a boy. He's a lot like me and very active! Now, I want another boy and 2 girls. That's the household I envision.
  9. IntlSet-i don't think that's weird at all. i guess i'm the opposite...i don't have kids yet but i'm kinda obsessed about having at least one girl (i plan on having 2 or 3 children). i don't necessarily want only girls, but right now i'm a little freaked about ending up with 3 boys or something like that. I just can't picture myself in that situation!

    I guess because ever since i was kid i had always wanted a sister, but i ended up with a brother (6 years younger) that for the most part when we were growing up, lived to annoy me (put fake crickets in pillowcase, break my stuff, etc). Also DH is the older of 2 sons, and his younger brother has 2 young boys (3 and 6). They act like typical little boys, always getting into stuff, playing rough, etc. My DH absolutely LOVES it, as that's all he's used to (he loves wrestling with them, playing with them outside in the dirt, etc ) but me, not so much. I do want to have one son but I don't think i could handle 2 or 3, with all the rough housing, yelling, fighting etc going on. I was always kind of a miss priss growing up, always liked things nice and neat and quiet and i think i would go crazy having to control a house full of boys!
  10. i always wanted a girl...i had 2 boys and i love them to death. but my hopes are up once again with this baby [so i can't wait til the 15th to get another u/s]. if it is another boy it would be easier, we have so much boy stuff as it is, that there is plenty to recycle and to reuse. but i still would love to buy all that pretty pink stuff :girlsigh:
  11. I don't really care otherwise except that I have a really cool name picked out for a girl so I want to be able to use it before someone else in our circle of friends possibly takes it :P
  12. I always wanted a girl. I'm pretty girly and I picture myself taking her to ballet and dance, gymnastics... things like that. I spent half my childhood in hockey rinks with my 3 brothers, and selfish but, I didn't want to spend any more time doing boring boy stuff. lol
  13. I only wanted girls. I never imagined myself being the mother of a boy. I like pink and shopping...I'm very girlie. But this baby is a boy. I did tear up when I found out but now I keep thinking that we'll have the perfect family with one of each.
  14. Believe me, whatever your feelings are now (And yes it is very common and normal to have a preference), by the time your child is in your arms, you won't care. I wanted a girl just assumed that I would. When the tech told me it was a boy, I was stunned and mildly disappointed. But that feeling vanished real quick and i was on the phone telling everyone.
  15. no kids yet, but when i do have kids what comes first is baby's health of course. but after that, im just itching for a little girl.