just curious as to if anyone has bought a Saddle at Hermes before?

  1. Just wondering since I'm more likely to buy a saddle than a birkin.
  2. surely someone has but not me i am afraid, sorry. maybe DQ?
  3. I wanted to. Even tho I dont have a horse and hate to ride one just because i saw them in the hermes sale.
  4. They go on sale?
  5. not every single time. that's why i wanted to buy it:smile:
  6. DQ definitely has...let me see if I can find the scoop...
  7. Here ya go...

    We bantered about this in the "good reason to buy a horse" thread...because I was under the mis-idea that you got a big orange box, too!
  8. Seton, they had a saddle at the sale? I missed it on both days I was there.
  9. Tempted to get one whenever I visit H. It would perfectly fit into my travel Birkin. They are just beautiful and well made. They even come in a miniature size that you could display . I personally like the style of stitching the saddles have...very precise and slant diagonally on front and back side of the leather. I also like the orange piping.
  10. Dressagequeen has a saddle. Maybe somebody else on here too.
    They are good saddles, some people find them a bit hard to 'ride in', but after a while (once the leather has been massaged by your butt ;)) very comfortable.
    Are you thinking dressage or showjumping?
  11. they didnt have it at the last sale. That's what I was saying: they dont always have them at the sales. That's why I wanted to buy it when I saw it at a winter sale once. ;)
  12. Ahhh OK.
  13. Hello...go to doversaddlery.com. I grew up with the twins that own this company. Call...the sales help all ride and are very nice and knowledgeable. You can do a test-ride also. If you live in the MA area, they have a store in Wellesley, MA. If you live in another state, you might save on the sales tax. Sometimes they have saddles that have been used in test rides for a bit less. They have several types of Hermes saddles to choice from. Good luck!
  14. I'm thinking showjumping. I'm between mounts right now so its a moot point. They sell them at my local saddlery but I always figured I'd buy from the store but if they dont come in the orange box well....
  15. ^^yes I really agree they should come in the orange box,