Just curious, anyone have that LV with the fuzzy

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  1. I think it is sheep's wool or lamb's wool around the bag - creating a fuzzy look.
    Is the inside fuzzy too???

    Anyone here on the forum have it?
  2. The Shearling? I have it.. I have the Storm...

    Love it and I am currently carrying it now since winter is almost over...gotta get my $4k worth! The inside is fuzzy...
  3. thanks for explaining - so there were different versions of it???
    I only saw it recently at the SOHO store. I tried of upload a pic of Kim Kard. with it but failed.

    Anyway, it's kind of fun, makes me want to jump in there and be carried around!

  4. There are two... the Thunder (the one Kim K. has..), and the Storm.

    they are both still on the LV website under Fall/Winter Show.