Just curious about the colors of the Multicolor bags

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  1. I can't help but wondering this question and I hope someone here can advise me on this ;) I just read from an auction on Ebay that said "the more pink colors (as of the LV letters as well as the flowers patterns) on a multicolor bag, the more valuable it is".

    Is it really so? I never hear this said before and never actually thought about it, but do you actually count how many pinks there are on the bag to determine the value of it? And I would guess that it is for the preowned items only because clearly on Louis Vuitton they don't do such a thing. To me something like this just sounds sorta ridiculous :biggrin:

    What about you all out there? Any comment? ;)
  2. LOL. Seriously, LOL. :smile:
  3. yeppie lol ... but seriously, should u buy a LV multicolor from a person that sounds so clueless like that? Should that person be reliable?
  4. ^ Honestly, I couldn't care less if the person is clueless or not. As long as the item is authentic, at a reasonable price and not an impulse purchase, I would go for it.
  5. The colors on a Multicolore bag are determined by where the pattern is cut from the MC canvas. Some bags will have more pink colors, some more purple or blue, etc. I don't currently own any MC bags, but when I did buy them, I always wanted a bag with more pink. It's just personal preference, some want pink, some want blue, etc. The order of colors on MC is always the same, but it falls differently depending on where the canvas is cut for the bag.
  6. Well, it could be 'valuable' (not in a monetary sense but intrinsic value to the user) only IF you like pink! If you prefer blue, green or other colours, then obviously it is not more 'valuable' to you.