Just couldn't resist...

  1. I normally post on the Louis Vuitton board, but I just had to share this beauty. Today I "loved on me" and bought the Legacy Leather Slim Tote in the natural shade and also bought an Ergo scarf to keep it company. Best of all, they still let me use my PFE discount since I was out of town last week and missed it.:yahoo:

    Again, just had to share. I've recently started buying LV, but at heart I'm still a good ole' Coach leather gal. :smile:
  2. Oops.. meant PCE discount. I'm so excited about the bag I can't type. :nuts:
  3. Soooo beautiful and you are a lucky girl!
  4. holy crap, that's beautiful!
  5. Yay! That's gorgeous!!
  6. W-O-W!

    It's a beauty! Enjoy it!:yes:
  7. Girl!! Congrats. You did very good. I love how you tied that bow. Enjoy your bag!
  8. amazing!!!!!!
  9. Yes it is! ~ Great beautiful bag! Enjoy . . .
  10. Ooh...very pretty with the scarf. I had not thought of bringing those two colors together. Very nice!!!
  11. I love that bag, its gorgeous!
  12. love the color combo. cute.
  13. Congratulations, shes a beauty! Love the scarf too!!
  14. Congrats! I just got that bag myself and carried it for the first time today. Love it!
  15. That bag is gorgeous and it looks great with the scarf! Congrats! :yahoo: