just confirming... ( a color question)

  1. The nutmeg paddy on net-a-porter... is that the same color as "muscade"??
  2. I believe nutmeg and muscade are the same color......
  3. I think so too :yes:
  4. Yeah I got a nutmeg paddy from net a porter and the tag says muscade

    this is her [​IMG]

    I really need to learn how to shrink my pics!

  5. Great, thanks!

    Kat, I remember when you got that Paddy, and it's the one that started my obsession with a brown paddy! I finally ordered it from NAP. Knowing my luck it will go on sale next week and I will be kicking myself... but I'm trying not to worry about that.:wtf:
  6. I'm sure it won't go on sale, jsut avoid going on the site for a while:yes:
    I'm so excited for you, its such a lovely bag and goes with everything-great choice. I hope u love urs as much I love mine! :heart:

  7. Yep they are the same color and it is TDF. I don't think it will ever be a color that goes on sale either because it is a classic neutral.
  8. Tha bag is gorgeous! Love~~~