Just come home from Outlet

  1. I got two things


    And a small signature stripe calendar for $48. My friend got the larger one for $7x.

    My mom got this wallet for $64.

  2. Oh man, those are nice!! I was looking at the pleated hobo a few weeks ago, that is a great price. I want to go the outlet so bad, (its 10 minutes from me!) but I am waiting on a call from the mechanic to come pick up my car from service and I had to spend some $ on it. Things like car repairs, utility bills ...etc are really infringing on my purse money.
    Anyway, congrats! Very nice finds.
  3. Very nice finds!!!!!! I guess that I am lucky that my nearest outlet is 4 1/2 hours away, or I would be broke!!!!!
  4. oh, love the outlets! great deals!
  5. Oh man, I keep looking at the pleated bag, and I am beginning to fall in love with it! Congrats! Love the things you got!
  6. Cute! I love the bag!
  7. I love that white pleated hobo! I actually have the same one, that I also got at the outlet! Great price! I'm looking forward to some warmer weather so I can wear it with some gold sandals.
  8. oh i love the coach outlet, got my wallet from there!
  9. Well, I couldn't resist going. Got 2 birthday gifts, a CD holder and a wristlet. And picked up a scarf for myself, will take a pic later, I believe it is Dewey Drops avator. Its got little handbags on it!
  10. Great finds. I have that same bag, you'll love it.

  11. Love your pleated hobo bag. I am considering getting it in Black.
    What lovely purchases. Enjoy.
  12. both r cute,but pleated bag is kicken!