Just come back from LV...it was sooo funny

  1. So Ive just got in...I went to LV today to pick up a valentines day catalogue and one SA (never spoke to him) told me that they had none and then when I went in LV the second time there was one out being given to this man :wtf:.

    Anyway It was so funny because the store was empty so my SA was trying on all sorts of scarfs round her head with sunglasses haha and the other SA was going "what would you like madam ?"....they were kinda playin dress up and then my SA came over and said Hi to me.

    I only ended up with the shoe catalogues. But it was fun. Looks like I will have to try eBay for a valentines catalogue :smile:

    ~Steve~ :heart:
  2. Oh how fun! You should've stay longer and play join the game, imagine getting doll up w/LV!:nuts:
  3. LOL How fun!

    Hey steve...stay tuned for a post I'll have later today. I have an extra Valetine's catalog I am going to do a giveaway on :smile:
  4. oooo I will look out, Thanks Twiggers :flowers:
  5. haha..Steve your posts are soo funny!
    you always have a blast!
  6. HAHAHA!! i didnt like dress up when i was 4, but this is my kinda dress up!!