Just checking in & a quick word.....

  1. I miss you guys! Just comandeered the computer from DH and have a quick moment to say HI!!!!!! and just say how wonderful it was to meet some incredible women on Monday evening! The raid on Hermes was WAAYY fun (and yes I must STILL have the cooties because not a Birkin in site for miles except for what I saw walking the streets on very well dressed women AND the three bags that came for COCKTAILS on the arms of some pretty incredible, chic and funny ladies from tPF!) You guys are terrific and I am very lucky to have met you! Thank you for such a wonderful time!

    All I can say is that it's a good thing I don't live here otherwise I'd be dead broke in a matter of minutes and would have to sleep in a large orange box (oh! Maybe DQ'S box!!!! :graucho: the......BIG box....) on the dining room floor of Hermesgroupies apartment or in Baggs CLOSET!!!!!! That store is AMAZING! And I didn't even get off the first floor!!!!!!

    Tomorrow is our last day in NYC....tomorrow I go to the 2nd floor....and beyond!!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

    Oh....and Kristie? Sorry honey but the Himalaya? That's coming home with Shopmom!!!!! ;)
  2. Glad you're having a great time Shopmom. Sounds like you're doing a good job pacing your shopping.

    Don't forget to leave space in that suitcase for all the goodies in Europe. Hope you'll be rid of those cooties by then. :P
  3. Great to hear from you! Are there still things left on that first floor? We miss you!
  4. D, it's great to see you pop in! Sounds like you having the time of your life! You know.. no one is spilling the beans on all the goodies you guys have bought. It's like Excitement City here with all of us guessing, lol!
  5. It's the Himalaya! ................oh.....okay.......it's the Waffle Kelly!!!!!!
  6. Ahahaha!!! Hmm, I don't know if I would envy that.. But I'm sure it's more like the Himalaya with a twist.. as in, put it all together and viola, it's a Birkin! Right, right..:graucho:
  7. the himalaya looks about as good as a ice-cream-tuna and liver sandwitch:yucky:
  8. However, shopmom is wonderful, and I do hope you will see the other floors!:flowers:

  9. Bleh... Avan! That's one sick combo..:throwup:
  11. d - WHAT THE HELL DID YOU BUY???? (oops, caps lock...sorry!)..........

    We must know!! We've been SUCH good kids, sitting here all patient........come on, tell, tell!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yea, tell us......Your not going to wait 'till you get back home I HOPE!!!:wtf:
  13. glad to hear that you are having lots of fun... yeah, do tell about your new goodies..
  14. Hi D - great that you dropped by! On another thread people are being threatened with torture to reveal all about your purchases in NY. Carry on having a great trip; I know everyone is thinking about you, missing your good cheer and hoping that you have a perfect holiday with abundante Hermes.
  15. Don't worry, D! I haven't said a word. Through all the cyber butt-kicking:smash: and Himalaya torture:noggin: , not a peep has come out of me. Your secret's safe with me.