Just checked & my slate Meredith is changing color!

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  1. I can't believe this! I have only had the bag for a few weeks, have been babying it religiously, sprayed it heavily with Wilsons, and it is clearly changing color! I am so upset -- my first designer handbag! Should I email Shopbop, where I got it? Should I email Kooba?
  2. I would let Shopbop know, You will probably have to send it back to them. Kooba.com isnt the greatest of help. I have never had a question from them answered (kooba.com).
  3. yeah....i would email Shopbop. hopefully they will help you out. kooba SUCKS with customer service...they will essentially tell you "too bad"- this is what they did to me when a stud popped lose on my paige on day 1! good luck...hope you get the problem fixed!
  4. Shopbop is great with returns. It seems these slate Merediths change color. Just give them a dose of sun and poof; it happens. I was thinking a really heavy double dose of TLC might prevent it but I guess not. Sure glad I didn't get one of those. Haven't seen that happen with the slate Lena or Sloane.
  5. I have to say I am SO impressed with Shopbop. They said they would take the bag back, even though it is past their 21 day retuen deadline, and give me a refund! That is truly impressive customer service. I think I am done with light bags now! I am sad to see Meredith go but big brown streaks after just three weeks of use is just unacceptable!
  6. aw i am so sorry that happened :sad: its so strange i havent had one problem with mine and i used it all summer,,,, i dunno what the difference is, i treated it like with 10 coats of wilsons,,,,but i use that baby and no color changing lines,,, :sad:

    im sorry you had to give her up shes a great bag but not worth it if it didnt look right yay for shopbop
  7. Bessie,
    You don't really mean 10 coats of Wilson's literally do you? I was thinking two coats for a light colored bag and then maybe repeat in a few months?
  8. hehe well SD kitty in this case i really do mean almost 10 coats,, :smile:

    I took it out and sprayed it like really sprayed the whole thing like 5 times around, then waited for about 20 mintues and then did the whole thing over again
    really spraying it all over close and letting it like get wet enough that it darkened (cause it always dries up) and i really sprayed it like 8-10 coats

    for me i had read a lot of this darkening stuff about the slate meredith and so i was worried so i decided i was going to coat that baby like my life depended on it! :smile: i wanted it to have like a SHIELD against darkening

    and so far so good! :smile:
  9. Thanks Bessie. So my read on that would be you did two really heavy coats. Then do you repeat from time to time? I want to protect my bags but this stuff isn't cheap. You can easily use more than half a can of the normal size on one bag. I bought a large can this time.
  10. oh for sure i know what you mean it isnt cheap but the bag is def not cheap hhaa so i would rather spend $ on wilsons then have my bag get ruined :sad:

    I did for sure do 2 really heavy coats, followed by about 5 regular coatings

    all the 1st day i got it

    i wanted to make sure it was protected before i used it

    i would repeat it from time to time, i havent yet, i will soon i just have to get to wilsons but i did all that spraying the very first day to make sure it was well protected

    so i would do more then 2 heavy coats the 1st time around, but thats just me :smile:

    the smaller cans i would prob have used the whole thing up just on meredith :smile: