Just caved in...

  1. and ordered the gold Silverado in the NAP sale. I might need you guys to help me decide whether or not to keep it. I hope it's as nice and subtle as I remember it :smile:
  2. Oh no, if you are depending on the Chloe ladies to tell you whether or not to keep it you might be in trouble! :lol: We love almost all Chloe bags. The silverado is so sharp! The only time I would tell you not to keep it is if you have any doubts after you receive it. You may eventually fall in love with it but if you never do then definitely return it. Remember to post photos!!!
  3. oh well done.
    I think you will love it :smile:
    should be with you in a couple of days, let us know what its like :biggrin:
  4. Thanks ladies - I'll take some pics when it arrives. Chloe-babe it was the pics of your silver one that made me finally cave - so beautiful :smile:
  5. oh good luck! it's looks beautiful and what a great sale!
  6. :yahoo:Congratulations:yahoo:
    It is going to be so HOT! I cannot wait to see pics- Silverados are so fabulous you are going to love it!:tender:
  7. i also ordered it from NAP and love it! the gold color is fantastic, and you can also wear it in the winter, it's not a heavy bag, it's got many pockets and compartments and it looks great! actually before i bought it i wasn't sure i'd keep it because i'd read here that the silverado was a dying fad, but it won me over!
  8. did you have a silverado before getting the gold?

    show us pics! show us pics! :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! What a good deal!!! Can't wait to see pics:smile:)
  10. I'm so excited. It's my second Chloe bag - I already have a purple canvas bracelet bag from about 3 years ago. I've wanted a Paddington or Silverado for ages, but couldn't make my mind up between the two, or what colour. Couldn't resist a bargain. Just checked the tracking and it hasn't been dispatched yet so will probably be Wednesday when it arrives. Will defo post pictures when it arrives.
  11. Just got an email to say it's been dispatched so it might come tomorrow now :yahoo:
  12. you inspired me to get one too but they ARE SOLD OUT!!! :cry: :crybaby: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: *soooooooooob*
  13. woow~~congrats~~can't wait to see the pic!!!!!
  14. I think you are going to love it. I love gold and it's going to be perfect for summer and not to mention -- the holidays as well!