Just Cant Keep Up With Ya Britney : Now With Long Black Hair !

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    Britney was outside the Chateau Marmont last night, couldn't help but notice the Star of David dangling from her neck
  2. I'm out of words for this girl... Can't she understand that black is definitely not good for her hair and her face at the same time?
  3. She looks good with darker hair, but not this dark! I wish she could make up her mind about...well...everything!!

    You're right PM, I can't keep up with her either!!
  4. At least the darker hair somewhat masks the awful condition that her hair is in (because it is fried, frizzy and extremely damaged). Personally I'm baffled though, she's made so many changes (and not for the better) regarding her appearance in just a short period of time. She needs to get a grip!
  5. I think a lot of her "hair" is wigs or extensions.
  6. I have a Halloween wig that looks just like that! When I put it on I look like a cross between the woman from the Adams family and Ozzy Osbourne.

    I prefer Brit as a blonde.
  7. The dark hair in her Toxic video looked good on her, but so did the pink. Also, do Kabalah followers wear the Star of David? I thought they were only allowed to wear the red string. Maybe I'm just not trendy religion savvy.
  8. she just seems to be a lost soul.....
  9. She needs to spend less time with her colorist and more time with her babies!
  10. In this case she is wearing extensions added onto her own hair. (not very well i should say. ) :s
  11. Kabbalah is supposed to be a branch of Judaism. (Although a friend of mine, who's Jewish, says that Kabbalah, at least the Kabbalah the celebrities practice, isn't a real religion.)

    Kabbalah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So, yes, Britney would be allowed to wear the Star of David. (Although, technically, Jews aren't allowed to be tattooed, so Britney broke that rule.)

    Kabbalah Bracelet with Sterling Silver Star of David

    If you ever get the opportunity to learn about world religions, you should, because it's fascinating.
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  13. Poor Britney...defienently agree that black is not a good color on her. And she needs a new hair stylist because those extensions look TERRIBLE!
  14. Well i hear her new man is jewish. maybe shes switching religons or something?
  15. brit brit needs some serious prayers. She needs to spend more time with her kids and less time spending money on reaaally tacky hair extensions