Just cant get enough 12a red, another reveal!!!!

  1. Thank you LuxBagLVRr, glad you approve ;)
    Match point!
  2. Sneezz thanks for sharing my match with me, hehe, lol :smile:
  3. Thank you for sharing ;)
  4. Wow matchy-matchy:heart::heart::heart: it!
  5. Congrats!! The shoes are amazing! They go well with your jumbo! Thanks for sharing your story too. I was happy for Federer (although I am
    Really a Nadal fan) but I felt so bad for Murray! Especially he lost 2 other grand slam finals to Roger before too. I hope he will at least get one grand slam at some point in his career.
  6. I know! Me too! My red jumbo is scheduled to deliver this Tues! Its taking more than a week!!! Can't wait. I am also tempted to get the matchy flats too. So pretty. I think I can wear them separately too.
  7. wow! i love them! they are very pretty together!!
  8. Congrats on both finds, matchy!
  9. Perfect match in terms of your shoes and bag and not the Wimbledon match Lolita really wanted Murray to win.

  10. Definitely! :smile: I think I owe you a couple reviews. :smile: Maybe I can sum them all up. ;)
  11. May I ask how much the flats were?
  12. $725
  13. Love love them both, congrats :loveeyes:
  14. waoh beautiful i love the jumbo flap
  15. Congrats! They look great together and Chanel flats are so comfy!