Just can't decide...help me!!!

  1. Ok, here it is almost coming the day when I will buy my first Bbag...really, a first!!!:yahoo:
    Well, I can't decide the color: White or Ivory???
    I think white is more for summer, ivory for winter, but I have to decide!!!
    Which one does fit all seasons?:shrugs:

    ............Maybe sandstone? Is it great with black dresses too???:shame:
    God, please someone help me!!!
  2. LOL!!
    It is always so hard when it comes to Balenciaga bags cos of the beatiful colours..
    I personally prefer Ivory than white.. I think both you can use for winter or summer..

    But if it's asked, between sandstone, white or Ivory, I will definitely choose Sandstone..This colour is so pretty and delicious..

    *sorry not much help here..

    Either way you can't go wrong..they are all beautiful colours :yes:
  3. definitely sandstone... the leather is yummy!
    IMO white and ivory are less seasonal (as in they are produce almost every season) and easy to find, if you change your mind you can always pick them up later.

    Sandstone is a delicious 08 colour and very versatile, easy to match with everything!
  4. Jzlyn, ITA!!! Sandstone is gorgeous so it gets my vote too & you can always get the other 2 colours next time.
  5. :okay:thanks!!!
  6. Hmm! What about a blue? Marine First? Ocean First?

    but if I had to pick ivory or white- for sure ivory. that color goes with everything!
  7. Vida, I'd also go for the Sandstone over the white or ivory!!
  8. Sandstone defi. I missed out on one last summer when there was 40% off certain Balenciaga bags in the Harvey Nichols sale in dubai, I got a part time in dark brown giant hardware instead, but there was a gorgeous sandstone giant hardware city and it went before I got to the counter :sad:
  9. sandstone would be my vote
  10. I wouldn't buy these colors 'cause the only blue clothes I have are my jeans, all my shirts and sweaters are creamy, black, white, pink, brown and warm colors!!!

    Do you think sandstone would be cool even with a black dress? Or would be better ivory?
  11. sandstone would be gorgeous!

    don't forget to post pictures!!
  12. My vote is for Sandstone!
  13. same here...i would go for sandstone if i were you...it's more versatile and easier to maintain than white and ivory...:tup:
  14. Definately Sandstone - it's gorgeous and will go great with all the colors you said you wear!
  15. sandstone =)