Just came up with a deal with myself and a NICE (REALLY NICE) Fall Coach

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  1. I am losing weight but for the last few weeks been stalling. Not gaining but not losing. My eating has been off but lord knows I walk a million miles (or so my butt and legs say) a week.

    So I decided for every pound I lose $5.00 goes in the Coach kitty. Every time I get $25.00 I will buy a Coach Giftcard.

    So I want to lose 50 pounds which = $250 to be spent on anything I want in the Coach Store.

    I am going to start with getting a $25.00 Giftcard next week to start the process. Since I already lost almost 40 pounds.

    Now I am dreaming of what I am going to get to buy. :yahoo:
  2. Good for you, sounds like a great idea! I'll be rooting for you! Anything Coach is a great incentive, huh??:woohoo:
  3. What a great incentive!! Good luck with your weight loss!!
  4. That's a great idea .
  5. That's a great idea and very motivating.! Losing weight can be really hard and I love the idea that you are going to reward yourself. :tup:

    Careful though.....when I lost 25 pounds (back in November) I bought myself a black sig medium Carly as a reward. Then I found these boards! Since then, I've bought myself 4 more bags! Lesson learned, I was disciplined with losing the weight, but not disciplined w/ Coach! :graucho:
  6. Good luck! And congratulations on losing almost 40 pounds already!

    I promised myself that when I lose 35 pounds, I can get the LV Epi speedy I've been wanting. I only have 6 more pounds to go and its mine!

    I'm sure you'll reach your goal and get something gorgeous!
  7. Way to to go! Ther is an Exercise for Bag Money thread in the Money Talks forum where people are doing this exact same thing. Maybey you'll want to visit it and get some support!
  8. What a great way to reward yourself for your hard work! Best of luck to you! :jammin:
  9. That's great, congrats on coming so far already! I know firsthand how difficult it can be. DH and I actually have a deal that if I lose 30 pounds I get a shopping trip to the Coach outlet. I've been going up and down with the first 10 for a while but I had a very heavey school semester last fall and then Christmas so I tell myself that I have an excuse.

    I'm actually sure I lost weight this week since I'm just getting over a stomach virus, ick!
  10. Good for you! This is a great incentive. Good luck!
  11. That is an awesome plan! I'm working on losing 55 lbs by the start of next ski season (mid Nov) and I've made no progress this week because ... well, my motivation waned. I need an incentive... I may have to borrow your idea! ;)
  12. that is a very good idea!
  13. Great idea and kudos to you for sticking with your plan! I'd like to lose 20 lbs. myself but am finding it hard.

    Good luck to you & personally, I think you deserve more than a $25 card for already losing 40 lbs.! :tup:
  14. Great idea, and congrats on the 40 lbs!!! :yahoo:
  15. First..yes, CONGRATS on the 40 pounds!!!:woohoo:Good for you! I absolutely love your incentive program!!! I think I may steal your incentive idea for my running goal! Hope you don't mind! :idea: I LOVE buying Coach for myself after a big accomplishment. I think the bag has so much more meaning and you feel like you really earned it!:tup: