Just came in today..Turquoise Day!

  1. :yahoo: Turquoise Day!! I LOVEEEE the style on me, especially in this color. Unfortunately, the bag is a bit worn...the edge/enamel coating seems to be completely gone...I see brown leather underneath.:shrugs: However, on the happy side, here are some photos for you viewing pleasure!! :nuts:
    Img_7101.jpg Img_7102.jpg Img_7106.jpg
  2. More pictures!
    Img_7107.jpg Img_7112.jpg
  3. niiiiiiiiiiiiice! Hmmm, really liking the day now.... Hmmmm.
  4. Me likey!
    The wear only gives it character :love:
  5. Truly GORGEOUS Jen!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!:love: :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. I agree...I like my B-bags a little "beat up"...it says the bag has lived a full, well-loved past life. :yes:
  7. what a lucky find! It's my dream bag and you got an awesome deal on it!
  8. Very nice! I have one, too, that I just love. Congratulations on your new baby.
  9. 0o0o0o0 WONDERFUL - congrats on your beautiful find!!! YUMMY!!!
  10. I agree well said slinks
  11. The color is fantastic!! Wear or no wear that bag is stunning.
  12. Beauuutiful!!!
  13. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this color!!! it has a really nice hang to it.
  14. Congratulations...I think it's beautiful!
  15. What a fabulous color!!! Congrats!!!