just came home from the Il Divo concert....

  1. and I love them more then ever!!:heart: :love:
    Ooooh the stuff olders ladies were saying around me made me :shame: , it was kind of wierd hearing people that are your moms age yelling out like groupies and hollering.......but didn't matter it was an amazing concert!!!!!:flowers:
  2. Was it good? Some of those guys are HOT!:love:
  3. yea it was really really good......your just silent and mesmerized the whole time......breath taking really....I love the one from sweden!!!
  4. I'm glad that you had a great time.:tender:
  5. thanks!
  6. i have their cd.. i keep playing it over and over... wow, would have been nice if i got to see them one day...
  7. do you have the first one or the second...I have the first and I use to shower in the morning with it on.......EVERY MORNING.......
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