Just came from HK

  1. Hi all! I just arrived from HK last night and I must say I had a wonderful time toki shopping! I was able to buy a L'amore BV, Inferno BV, Trasporto Stellina, Trasporto Campeggio, and a L'amore caramella. Bought them from the lesportsac store and duty free stores. I'm so happy!!!:yahoo:
  2. how's the price?
  3. show pictures! and also, did they have any OP's left? they had a few last time i was there...but that was summer of 06... :p
  4. oh that is a nice loot! pics :smile: how's the price and can you let me know where are the stores location? Any inferno BV or zucca left? I'm so dying for one...
  5. Thanks! Price is a little over US retail, like the BV is HK$1440. There's still one Inferno BV left at the lesportsac store in Ocean Terminal! No more OPs and no more zuccas though...
  6. the price is not too bad then. I want to go HK now! Do show us your loots :smile:
  7. i wonder if they ever put tokidoki on sale cuz they always have the classic collection on sale. i am going in July. hope i will find something.

  8. Sorry, my memory card is acting up and I can't seem to take pics, will try to buy a new one soon :tup:
  9. congrats :biggrin:
  10. Congrats - and hey, tax savings at least !
  11. Thanks ;)
  12. OOH that's good news, I'm off to HK for xmas....might be able to get something tokidoki at last!!
    Which store had the most choice?
    Congrats on ur purchases btw!!
  13. Thanks! Store with the most stock was the LSS in Ocean Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui.;)
  14. Thanks for the reply!! :flowers:
  15. awesome~I love the l'amore :heart: