Just came back from the outlet....

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  1. I just drove 5 hours round trip to get my whiskey ali that I initially returned. I got it for 228 including tax and I am so glad I did! This ali has less scratches than the other one did. Which makes me extremly happy! I don't think I will carry her all the time since she is heavy and I am known to pile unwanted crap into my bag. She is so pretty and i'm glad I made the drive! Thanks Wander for posting about the leagacy stuff! I'm super excited about her! :yahoo:
    000_0146a.JPG 000_0149a.JPG
  2. beauitful, congrat's.
  3. Congrats! I love the Legacy line.
  4. GORGEOUS!!:drool:
    I am so excited to see mine!
  5. I love this bag. I bought the black one for myself and the one in whiskey as a present for someone from someone else (if that makes sense). I so want both of them though lol ! The whiskey is so beautiful, you got a good one and it was def worth the trip !
  6. Oh she is gorgeous! Congrats on the new bag.
  7. Thanks! ah, I can't stop looking at her! lol
  8. Gorgeous bag!!!!! And what a great price!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  9. Congrats on your new bag - whiskey is such a pretty color!!

    Quick question...does your Ali have teeny black spots on it? Mine has some on the back (not very noticeable) and the SA told me that it's because the whiskey leather isn't finished like black or white. Since it's hidden it doesn't bother me much, but I was curious...
  10. Beautiful! Was it worth the trip? I was going to ask about it, but I didn't know if you were going to stay for a night in the Dells (they have some nice waterpark hotels). I really wish I'd been able to find a black one; I even called Pleasant Prairie, but they have none left. But I got a perfect whiskey, so I shouldn't complain!
  11. That is a gorgeous Ali! Carry her with pride as she is a stunner! I own the Whiskey Ali and I do love her. Congrats!
  12. Woot woot! Getting such a beautiful bag at such a great deal makes the drive worth it, eh?
  13. Yay we both have new bags! How exciting. I am glad you got her she looks great on you. Maybe I shouldn't tell you but I did see a whiskey ali at the outlet tonight....maybe it was a return...
  14. i love it!
  15. Beautiful! That bag looks wonderful, such a great colour!