Just came back from the NM sales event...

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  1. I ordered a night/ gold crackle MAM...can't wait to see it..It's not available in the store that I went to. I saw RM bags on their in-store catalog and the SA was nice enough to help me order it amd free-shipping to my home. So...now I am waiting...She said that store 4 (I don't know what that means) have 2...I got one and I will imagine that they have one left..So, if you are interested, act quickly...$350 is not bad...They also have market tote, matinee and other stuffs
  2. I can't wait to have a NM in my state! It was suppose to open this summer but now it's 2009 Argh!!!!! It's so much better to see the bags in person I hate buying site unseen.
  3. aww i'm sad! I wanted the MAM but got the MAB from bloomies because it was nowhere to be found! blah! its ok i'm happy with the MAB
  4. What discounts did they have to offer on the bags? and since they are "ordering" the bag for you, how long till you get it?
  5. Were you able to just order 1 bag and get the $200 off? I tried calling a NM and they told me I had to buy 2 (but that wallets are included in that sale so long as they meet the $400 minimum requirement otherwise they'll subtract the amount of less value).
  6. what exactly is the discount at NM?
  7. I think that the SA told be it will be about a week for me to get it. It's free shipping to my home. I got $200 off for the MAM..So that's about 36% discount. I figured that it's a better deal for me.
    For me, they are very strict on the rule - you have to get two bags and each has be be over $400. But when they ran up the order, they took $200 off from each bag.
    BTW, I did ask about returning if I happened to not like the MAM, they said that's fine. But one thing that I am not sure is that whether I will still be able to keep the other bag with $200 off...
  8. interesting... yea i'd say thats about how much I saved on the MAB as well. It was $357 before shipping... so from $595 to $357, i'd say thats atleast 40% (too lazy to do the ACTUAL math), but she's also sending me $90 in gift certificates for future purchases, which is awesome!

    The only NM is about 30 mins away, but wouldn't be able to go till the weekend, and they don't have it online so i guess the bloomies deal will have to work!
  9. the only NM that takes visa is vegas, and since they dont carry RM they wouldnt do a phone order for me to see what other stores have. Arggg I just wish I had an Amex! It would make everything so much easier.
  10. I just came back from Neimans at Short Hills -you have to buy 2 to get the $200 off. They had a lot of different RM bags there
  11. as long as each bag is over $400 you get $200 off each bag
  12. I just ordered a MAM in Night/Gold (last one at the Paramus location!!!) and a "matching" Bal wallet (Black w/ Gold hw)!!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!! :yahoo:I totally made out like a bandit!!!!!!!!!! The SA I worked with, Miriam, who someone had recommended on another thread was an absolute ANGEL to work with so ladies, call the Paramus store and ask for her if you need help!!! I can't wait till next week when my loot arrives!!:tender:
  13. Congrats on your purchases, ladies!! Do post pics when you get them!! I do love a good eye candy!!:graucho:
    Gee, you guys are so lucky! I don't think our local dep't store even carries RM bags :crybaby:
  14. these are amazing deals especially since these bags are part of the spring collection. what only stopped me from ordering was that i haven't seen it in real life.
  15. ^^I think missy mentioned it was returnable if you didn't like it at NM...

    I didn't ask my SA from Bloomies, since i have no intention to return it unless its damaged, but i'm sure she would tell me if it was final sale. She didn't, so I'm sure if you are able to still get it and don't like it, you can return it.