Just came back from Soho S/S Trunk Show :D

  1. It was my first Trunk Show!! So excited and met with a lovely tPFer "newcitylady". We stayed there for a little over 2 hours: chatted, looked, tried on, criticized, drank champange, and bought something!! Well, I didn't get anything as I promised my DH I won't purchase anything today... I did good. It took a lot of self-control and deep breath here and there, but I did it! :yes:

    Newcitylady bought a Damier Azur Speedy 30! My friend who went with me also put herself in the waitlist for Watercolor Speedy 35 which is being release in May. Mancrazy has captured my attention the whole time I was there... too bad I really not into the jokes on it. It they make one without the jokes.. I'll get it in a heartbeat! It is so lightweight, alligator trim handles are just TDF! :drool: ... Oh, and the model is HOT... if she pose and not move for a few seconds, you would really think she is a mannequin. :lol:

    I wanted to take a lot of pics, but there are SAs everyway, but we managed to take a snapshot quickly. I will post that pic later.. Gotta go feed my baby, and take a nap first! :p Also need permission from newcitylady prior in posting her photo up :yes:

    **Oops, almost forgot to mention... they have ONE Trevi on display sitting right there for grab! If you're in NY and want a Trevi badly.. CALL THEM NOW!!***
  2. Sounds like you had fun!! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. yeah ..sounds like its a lot of fun...:tup:.cant wait for pics..
  4. Oh, sounds like a lovely afternoon! Cannot wait to see pics! Get some rest!
  5. Good to hear you had a fun time! I love the style of the mancrazy too but i'm soo put off by the jokes , the style is gorgeous though!
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
  6. Sounds fun! Did you see the vvn watercolor speedy?
  7. Wow, sounds like you ladies had fun! Can't wait to see the pic!!
  8. After soothed my baby to sleep, my 4-yr old acted up... after quiet her down, and then my 3-months old needed attention again. So, I didn't my nap... :sad:
    But here is the ONLY pic we took today.. Me on the left and NewCityLady on the right. I took her face out until I get her permission to post. We both have Trevi PM :love: and my friend in the mirror reflection has her mono 25 ;). After we snapped this photo, a SA walked up to us and said "no cameras, pls"... :rolleyes:

  9. looooooooove your trevi's, ladies!
  10. beautiful bags ladies!!!!!!
  11. ^^ Thanks Kimalee & psulion08! We saw the exotic Blue Alligator handles & trims with faded brown/black monogram... forgot what that style called. It was the bag that H-2girl got a while back. SA said it is $8599 +tax!! CRAZY!!

    I was also drooling over Loup Damier Geant bag that I wanted to get for my DH... It is so cute! Saw the MC black 4-key holder... TOO CUTE! yumm... yummy!!
  12. Looks like you had fun!
    What bags did they have? Any chance you got to see a Matisse or a watercolour ??
  13. It is ok with me to post our pictures with both our faces showing.
    We had a great time. They had the sample bags of both types of watercolors. The exotic is beautiful, but do not like the plastic trim on the frame. Thought for that price they would use a leather trim. Started falling in love with the red pulp, but controlled myself and only wait listed for the watercolor with the vachetta handles. According to one SA the price with be around 1200 and another associated said 1900-2000. Personally I think we will be in the 1400-1500 price range when it is released.
    What made my day is they had just gotten 2 speedy azur 30's in ...Guess what..they were "Made in France." after looking for this bag since last summer I am not a proud owner of one.:woohoo:
    Also if anyone is look for a trevi pm they just unpacked one of those and also the GM size. They were still there sitting on a shelve looking for some love when I left at 4:00.
    Thank you to chewy for posting the picture it was wonderful meeting you:heart:
  14. Wow, good to hear that you had a great time. I love you outfit and your BAG :drool:
  15. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

    I wish I could be there with you guys. :jammin:

    Your Trevis make me :drool::drool: