Just came back from Paris with the new Seigle RGGH and Poupre GGH! :D

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  1. Hi dears,

    I'm not a regular visitor in Balenciaga forum (I only have a Balenciaga Raisin Part Time GGH), but I can't help to buy these 2 gorgeous bags when I was in Paris last week! Totally unexpected buys but they are love at first sight!

    So here you go without further ado....
    (all pictures taken without flash during day time)

    "City" Rose Gold Giant Hardware in Seigle
    ==> This 1st picture is pretty much the true color of the bag. Not too light nor too dark, with a bit of "taupe" color base.I was so happy to get this also because it's the only one available (got it at Printemps and the boutique at George V already sold out of this style and color), and so many people in the store were waiting for me to put it down so they can get it, but of course, I didn't leave it anywhere where people can snatch it from me! LOL!

    I love the rose gold hardware with this Seigle color. Perfect match! The rose gold zipper is really a shiny rose gold, while the hardware is a vintage-feel antique copper/rose gold finish. Love it!

    Then, may I present to you..

    Giant Gold HW Envelope clutch in Poupre

    Love this raspberry red color! I know it's an old color but still, it's such a stunning color with gold hardware! I just can't resist! LOL! This clutch is just perfect for casual wear with jeans. :graucho:


    P.S. I'm going to do my crazy long Hermes and Chanel reveals next week....if you're interested, do go visit these forums next week! ;)

    Thanks for letting me share!

  2. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous finds! I'm still debating on whether or not to get the Seigle City with RGGH or the Part time. Either way, I really need something in this combo.

    I love the clutch, too. This might be one of my favorite combos I've seen for that style.
  3. OMG ur EU is amazing! Congrats!
    Why oh why Seigle is everywhere? Its like calling my name :biggrin:
  4. Thanks circoit! Yes you need that! You will not regret it. It's such a nice neutral color which will work all year round. And rose gold...ooh la la..can't beat this combo. Go for it!! :graucho:

  5. OMG ur EU is amazing! Congrats!
    Why oh why Seigle is everywhere? Its like calling my name :biggrin:
  6. Huge congrats !!!! they are gorgeous !!!
    I live in Paris, where did you buy them ?
  7. Hi yunces! Thanks thanks! Go Seigle Go Seigle Go Seigle!! :biggrin: You need it! ;)

  8. Bonjour French75! I bought the Seigle at Printemps Balenciaga section, and the Poupre clutch at George V Balenciaga boutique. The Poupre clutch is still available at Printemps if you want (there's still 1 left inside the cabinet and they did not display it). But the Seigle one, it was sold out when I got it last Friday. I just came back this Monday. I miss Paris already! LOL!

  9. waaah! seigle w/ rg, TDF!!! it was waiting for you! and nothing beats red w/ GOLD... i :heart: both! :tender:
  10. Wow! Stunning colors and hardware! Pourpre with GGH is really gorgeous! Congratulations on both purchases!
  11. Isn't Seigle special? Congrats. LOVE your clutch too.
  12. congrats!!! really gorgeous!! have been trying to look for an envelope clutch with GGh but not in black and you got a stunning combo there!!!
    enjoy both!!!
  13. the more I see seigle rggh, the more I get tempted to get one! lol congrats on your beauties, miacillan! :smile:
  14. Hi Mia!

    Yep Seigle RGGH is the BEST. I'm hoping to be your twin soon. Congrats on 2 great bags. :smile:
  15. great bags!!

    will check out your other reveals in the other thread! I bet they will not be for the faint of heart :graucho:
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