just came back from PARIS! got my first set of chanel and LV bags!!!

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just want to share to you my joyful moment, went to Chanel at rue Cambon in Paris, and the person who attended to us was so so nice. he offered me and my family some drinks. It was early, and not much people yet so we had his undivided attention.

    The bags were nicely wrapped in white paper and tastefully tied with white ribbons with chanel name on it. with a white rose on the middle of the ribbon. :rolleyes:
  2. weee what lovely new goodies!!!! i loveeeeee both your classic flaps and the LVs make a great pair! congrats!
  3. Can I ask - are the prices more or less in France?
  4. Your FIRST chanel and LV bags?! What a haul!! Congrats!! Love that alma!
  5. Hi pursemania,

    The large black flap is 1,650 euros, and the medium beige is 1,470 euros (gross), you still deduct the tax rebate which is around 13%. I requested for the tax rebate to be credited to my credit card instead of cash at the airport because they charge admin and processing fee for the cash rebate. hope that helps :smile:
  6. hehehe first time with chanel, but not so new with LV...

    just thought of including my new LVs in my post :yahoo:
  7. nice loot!
  8. Oh I just have to get a classic flap...every time I see..I want!!!! Def on my list....your bags are gorgeous!!! Nice loot for your first purchase!!! Congrats!!!
  9. I have the same beige caviar w/ gold hardware! I love it. Wow, awesome shopping spree!
  10. congrats on your beautiful new additions . . . what a rememberance from your travels!!!
  11. Awesome :biggrin:
  12. :party: Best place to get Chanel is at Rue Cambon, congrats!
  13. oh. they are all gorgeous!
  14. yayyy love your new bags !!!
  15. beautiful :biggrin: service in paris seesm so muc hbetter!