Just came back from overseas

  1. I brought back 2 new items.. So happy :yahoo:
  2. LOOOOOOVE them!
    i sooo want the damier keepall badly but i wouldnt get use out of it! the wapity is soooo cute
  3. love the keepall, is that a 55 or 60?
  4. love itT!!!!
    it looks sooo pretty
  5. oooooooh gorgeous!!!
  6. Poutine - its a 55. :smile: I already carried it once, so was so worried about scratching it.
    I love the wapity, but i dont know how to keep it clean, Any advice? Im new to LV, so i need heaps of maintenance advices.
  7. Nice purchases:heart:
  8. ooo.. i love wapity! i so want one too for my digital camera.. congrats! apparently, according to my friend who works at LV, you only have to baby-wipe the canvas every now and then or bring it to a LV shop and get it clean.. some PFters said that you can spray a leather protector (ie shining monkey) on the vachetta.. hope this helps! :smile:
  9. :heart: Thanks for your advices, will try that.
  10. GREAT BUYS!!!:yahoo:
  11. Aww.. very cute, congrats ! :yes:
  12. Aaaw I love your Wapity! Sooo cute!
  13. The keepall is beautiful... and also the Wapity. Congrats.
  14. love the wapity,im gonna get mine soon too!!:smile:
  15. aww the keepal is beautiful

    and the wapity looks so bright and lovely in front of the damier canvas.

    i love it!