Just came back from NYC -look what I got!

  1. Just came back from my fab vacation overseas. I went to LV on 5th avenue and in SoHo, and both stores were just fab! A very cute SA lady who was middle aged and asian helped me on 5th, and a middle aged lady who also spoke spanish helped me in SoHo, anyone know their names?

    Actually I would have thought that the 5th avenue store would be larger, but I enjoyed it. Look at my first pic to see that I also went to a lot of other stores! Sunday was my big shopping day, and Hermès was closed, so maybe that saved my budget :graucho::p

    Ok, time for some pics. First, my shopping bags.. My Pegase wanted to be a part of the pic, too, so you can see him in the corner of the photo :yes:
  2. You really did shop.So what did you get???
  3. whoa! need more detailed pix!
  4. Here's the first pic.. a gift for my best friend hidden in the box, and three gifts for myself :wlae::yahoo::graucho:
  5. ooo pretty!!!! congrats!
  6. eee! i'm nuts for that black mc wapity case as well!

    great pick!
  7. And here comes the gift for my best friend, a lovely girl who only deserves the best :jammin: Anyone want to guess what it is?
  8. Wallet? Agenda!
  9. No.. I can reveal that it's a mono piece..
  10. Lovely haul so far. Now show us the rest.:woohoo:
  11. open open open:wlae:
  12. you are just mean! Show us the loot!
    LOOOOVE your wapity!!
  13. Ok, here it is! What do you think? A good gift?
  14. Congratulations! Seems like you had a good time ;)
  15. Congratulations!