Workplace Just came back from my interview...and I sucked...


wants to travel away
Oct 9, 2006
Greece, Rethymno
I'm taking exams to start a Master's Degree regarding New Technology and Education and today was the oral interview...
I was really nervous, I'm not used to talking with professors on such important matters and I think I messed up a little... I was asked a few things about my CV that I had given with my application and everything was fine until that point. I tried to stay calm and be smiley and cool about it. But then came a question I was totally prepared for and I stumbled! It was "why I want to have a Master's Degree". I said what I was supposed to, but I was tied up and I don't think I made a good impression...:Push: I don't know... I had all the answer ready in my mind and then... nada! I mean, what would I have said if I wasn't prepared??? :crybaby:
I'll try not to let it mess me up because for the next 3 days I'll have the written exams and I have to stay calm for that. I hope they don't judge me heavily...

At least I know here I can be relaxed with your company ;)


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
Hey hey, candypants is right - I'm sure you're overanalysing. Don't forget that you know your heart was thumping like crazy and your mind was blank, but on the outside, all they saw was a pause, a smile, and a bit of a stumble.

And seriously, we've all stuffed an interview question before - it'll seriously make it easier for the next time around!