just came back from Louis Vuitton @ Holts Vancouver........

  1. and FINALLY after being wait listed for 2 weeks I finally got the call from LV last night saying my bag was in!!! so tonight I picked her up!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: hope everyone enjoys the pics!!
    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg Pic3.jpg Pic4.jpg Pic5.jpg
  2. Ooooo is it a Trevi
  3. What did you get? That is my boutique too!
  4. O:huh: a Trevi????? What size?
  5. trevi?
  6. Trevi PM!
  7. Ooh Ann it's SO pretty... congrats! I am sure it's going to look great on you!
  8. here's a couple more pics :yahoo:...oh and the small box is my Christmas present from my boyfriend..and i can't open it till CHRISTMAS lol...
    Pic6.jpg Pic7.jpg Pic8.jpg Pic09.jpg
  9. What is it?????

    I'm so sad I didn't get a box with mine...is that lame?
  10. Yup looks AWESOME on you! O:huh: I cannot wait to see the gift your bf bought for you.
  11. Wow! Its so pretty. Lol. Is this bag available online? I looked, but I cant find it on eLuxury. I might be overlooking it though. :smile:
  12. lovely! congrats!
  13. Congrats....it looks fab on you:heart:
  14. I would try waitlisting at a few stores... it's part of the permanent collection, but sells out quickly since it's the HOT new Damier piece. :smile: Good luck to you.
  15. Gorgeous!!! Lucky you :love: