Just came back from London with new goodies...

  1. My main reason I went to London were museums:rolleyes:, yes I have to prepare for university. But after hours I spent in National Gallery and Tate I had to reward myself:graucho:. So I bought a few Birthday gifts for me. I also met "henry89mj" from tPF who helped me to pick my wallet. I saw many stunning items such as new version of monogram mink scarf, waterproof keepall (which is almost impossible to open:wtf:) and reedition of Millionaires (in black and violet/purple)!! I also decided to heatstamp my Fortune keyring.

    Oh and today are my 18th Birthday so I have to show you my new espresso machine by la Pavoni, my mum gave me:graucho:, I hope you like it:smile:
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG Europiccola%20ELH1.JPG
  2. Happy birthday!!!!

    Great Buys!

    now what's this about a new mink scarf???
  3. hey happy bday! I love that keychain!

    I think the mink scarf is the one on the LV site with the monogram, its a light color for 1300 euros... also kk has one from a past season, its a re-release of the older one I believe but just a lighter color?
  4. Thank You.

    I was just browsing LV counter at Harrods when I saw 3 SA's playing with mink scarf and saying that it's from new shipment. It was simmilar to that extremely big brown one. It's just smaller and monograms are small and black instead of beige. SA said that it's from f/w2007 runway ... So I just laughed and said that I know every single piece form current runway and there isn't such thing but I do remember simmilar scarf from past collection, he was shocked, haha.

    I found photo of that old one...
  5. Happy Birthday! looks like you had an awesome one! and wow that espresso machine looks cool
  6. Yes, you're right it's that one from LV.com. I haven't checked LV site since yesterday so I'm not up to date, haha.
  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new goodies!
  8. Hey Happy Birthday! I want to go to London one day... Love your new wallet and have fun making drinks!
  9. Cute, congrats and happy birthday ! :yes:

    I really liked the British museums - my favourite hands down is the war museum, you should check it out the next time you're in London !
  10. Happy Birthday and congrats on your birthday gifts.
  11. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new items! Love them!!
  12. Happy Birthday & Congrats on your new LV's!:party:
  13. congrats! that espresso machine sounds like fun! happy birthday!
  14. happy birthday and congrats on getting all that new stuff!
  15. Happy Birthday and Congratulations.