Just Came Back From Hong Kong - Report

  1. Had a fantastic 6 days there, the food, shopping, LVs....

    I visited 5 of the 6 LV boutiques there at least twice each. :smile: On sale were the full range of 2007 LV Cup, Dentelle, Riveting, Denim Polka Dot, LVOE tank top, Gold Miroir men's shoe, Miroir womens shoes, 'Louis' pin, White Bequia and Canwan bag. Also managed to sneak a peak at the LVOE satin bag (violet), East West and Multicolor Polka Dot which was being previewed to VIP.

    They had Kirsten (Silver) and Speedies (Silver & Gold) for walk in customers. HK boutiques are so amazing, their lines there are so extensive and it is like heaven, from jewellery, bags, RTW, etc. especially at the flagship store.

    I also saw a Leopard large scarf (black print and pink lettering) for sale at Pacific Place but the SAs could not locate the price for me so I left. In case, anyone was looking.

    Loved the LVOE (from afar) and East West bags. The letdown for me were the LV Cup and Canwan bags. Was contemplating the Louis pin and LV Cup belt but passed.

    Saw a red teddy bear pin for sale on the first day but was gone when I decided to get it the following day.

    Only thing I got there was the Denim "V" Shoe which I love.

    Visited all the 2nd hand "Stations" which was wonderfull. Interesting items which I was considering were a Laser bag, Amman messenger, Glace Bobby, Mini Lin Runway Luggage (both colours), Panda/Onion head hairpin set, etc.

    I wanted the Amman (brown) messenger and glace Bobby so badly which btw was in near mint condition but was persuaded by my friend not to get it....was kinda dissapointed. Funny thing, on the night before my flight home the next day, I dropped by one of the stores and something caught my eye....the soft Mono briefcase (with black leather trims and silver hardware) from 2004 (similar to the Christopher bag range) which had just came in the day before and guess what....I bought it. The canvas was in good condition, hardware was a bit scratched and tarnished and the inside leather lining were fairly scratched up but passable. All in all it was at a price which was hard to resist, at approx. $1200 compared to the retail of more than double when it first came out. Now I wished I got the Amman Messenger too. :yes: HK is a great place for shopping, the boutiques are huge and selection were endless and ended up really broke. Got 3 Dolce & Gabanna belts too which I adore. Just wanted to share.

    One more thing to add, the locals are so fashionnable, worth mentioning was I saw a guy with a Silver Miroir Alma at a mall on my first day there!! I saw people with Kirsten, Miroir Speedies, Leopards, Denim Cruise, Perforateds, Rivetings, you name it...... :smile: Also saw 2 males holding a red Tobago Carryall at a mall. The young gals there were using Mono Keepalls (with strap) and Carryalls as casual bags. Very nice.
  2. thanks for the report.... makes me just wanna get on a plane and go loot those second hand stations! congratulations on your Larry briefcase. i have one in black Epi and its one of my all-time faves. Cheers!
  3. Glad u had a great time there!

    Congrats on your haul though!
  4. thanks!
  5. Thanks all. DD, now I know his name is Larry. :smile:
  6. Congrats .. what did you think of the east west?? It is now called the street PM...I am waiting for the gold to arrive here. Thanks for the report;)
  7. glad you had a great time and congrats!!
  8. From a distance, I loved it. The bag looked cool considering it is actually meant to copy the cheap China looking bags yet it had the Botega Venetta leather weaving feel to it which I find interesting due to the intricacies and workmanship involved and the resulting classy leather feel. Love it. Would love to have the PM version but I think it'd be too small for a guy to pass off as a men's bag. The Gold/White looks very nice. One thing more to note was that I saw MANY MANY of the checkered bags in all sizes and colors being used by the locals there and I was commenting to my friend that I was starting to like and appreciate its look :smile:. It's the HK bug.
  9. Wow it sounds amazing. These stations sound great, I have a Louis Vuitton book and it shows pics of "LV Stations" but I didnt really know what they were until you said this. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  10. Thanks for your description .....I like how it is ironic but yet iconic?? Can't wait to see it IRL ..hopefully it will be very soon. What did you think of the LoVe tote ...do you think it would withstand usage??? OR is the satin too delicate for general use?
  11. I did not get to feel the LVOE bag but from its look, I like it. I like the huge LVOE signature, the beading and the colours. On whether it can withstand usage, if I were to use the bag, the only thing I will stuff in there would be small and light items as I would be too afraid to test its durability.
  12. Thanks for the update.
  13. Thanks for this .. I think I will stick with the east west PM;)
  14. Glad you had a great time and congrats :smile:
  15. Glad you had a great time on your trip :biggrin: