Just came back from Holt's private sale and...

  1. Went to holt's to pick up my mom's bag..and came back with two instead!...my SA (so nice remembered my name/face after one visit) came over to me admist all the crazy shoppers and told me my 2nd bag that i've been on the waiting list for arrived!!

    Prolly the best shopping experience in awhile..great food (they had cakes with gucci decoration, and dior decoration..) and service..plus the gift certificates help too..this forum is making me broke!!:yahoo:
    bev.JPG IMGP1356.JPG
  2. Beautiful congratulations.
  3. conngrats!!!

    which one's yours and which is your mom's???
  4. Love that Epi! Congartz!
  5. guess!!!..its not what u'll expect/think..

    its my bday gift to my mom..figured i owe her something..
    the other bag is my bday gift from my dad..lol..
  6. ooooohh! modelling pics please!
  7. Can you please model the Jasmin?! :nuts:

  8. yours is the jasmin and your mom's is the beverly...LOL..i dunno..
  9. Ooooh..I love both! :yes: Those Beverlys are really growing on me..soo cute! I almost bought the Jasmin the other day but got the Bowling Montaigne PM instead. Now I'm thinking I might "need" the Jasmin at some point, too!:graucho:
  10. lol actually the jasmin's my mom's..i convinced her to get the ivoire (esp since its hard to get..and i can "borrow" it) versus the black one

    the bev looks like an "older" person style (im mid-20s) but its so classic looking so i picked that! cant wait till it patinas..

    im really scared to take off the plastic right now tho..
  11. Very nice purchases... congrats!
  12. I'll post up more pictures as soon as i can!
  13. Congrats on your new goodies! Love the ivoire jasmin, just gorgeous!
  14. That white jasmine is incredible. immediately makes me want one. :O.

    How long will that color be around do you think?
  15. Stunning! OHh two new designs at once!