Just came back from Hermes with a Black bolide!

  1. After an hour in the store at Tysons Corner, I emerged with a black clemence bolide, 31 cm, silver hardware! I have been hoping for a black bolide for some time now, and am very excited !!

    I passed on the evergrain kelly though - although i loved the look of it, I didnt really like the hand, which felt too moist or rubbery to me for some reason. I think I want to hold out for togo or swift, esp since it would be my first kelly.
  2. Congrats, Stephanie! Would love to see pics!
  4. Hey, congrats!!! Enjoy her!!
  5. WHOA!!!!!! GORGEOUS, Stephanie!!!! Please post pics as soon as you can! 32cm Bolides are fantastic and you'll LOVE it!!!!!!
  6. Very nice, congrats! PICS PLEASE!
  7. Congratulations! You'll get a lot of use out of that gorgeous baby! LOVE the Bolide!
  8. Black clemence bolide sounds perfect!
  9. Congrats Stephanie !!!!
    I've discovered Clemence leather today : it's TDF !!!!
    I would love to see pics of your Bolide !!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats...I love my black 31 Bolide too!!
  11. I would love to see a picture! Sounds gorgeous!!!

    Big Congratulations!!!
  12. Stephanie, please post picturessssssss...looking forward!!
  13. Sounds gorgeous! Congratulations!!!! :party: Please model her for us :biggrin:
  14. OOOHHH! That sounds gorgeous! I love the Bolide!
  15. Congratulations, Can't wait to see pictures. :yahoo: