Just came back from Hermes NYC and got a bearn wallet

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  1. The only colours they had were the gold, red, orange, violet, black and turqoise. I really wanted the fuschia colour but it's sold out nationwide :sad:

    So the only other color that popped out at me was the turquoise. what do you think? will it get easily dirty? i didn't want a dark color since i some of bags are already dark...

    any opinions? i want to choose the "best" one since it's soooooo expensive :amazed:
  2. Congratulations! Sounds great. It probably will get "dirty" after a few years, but it'll still look great - just have more of a patina. It'll be something you use every day for a long time.
  3. what does patina mean?
  4. it's the shine that leather gets when it's handled frequently.
  5. And if you're anything like me, you take your wallet out quite a few times each day!
  6. sweetsparkle, congrats on your wallet! i want to get a bearn wallet too, how much was yours? Need to start saving up!
  7. It was $1475 without tax. I own another one in raisin but I was getting tired of the dark colour. I wanted a color to pop since alot of my handbags are dark.....and spring/summer is coming around.
  8. Very Nice!! What leather did you get?
  9. Sounds pretty!
  10. I got the mysore leather (goat). It's lovely. Just need to be careful since it's a lighter colour.
  11. We'd love to see a picture!
  12. Congratulations sweetsparkle! I love the turquoise color!

    I also have the violet and now it looks a bit dark since spring is coming. I'm jealous!
  13. Congrats Sweets!! It sounds like a gorgeous wallet!! we want pics! Please..
  14. Congratulations.. and Now WE DEMAND PICS! :love:
  15. hehe...will do so once the battery of my camera recharges.....what a bad time for the battery to run out!