Just Came Back From a 2 Month Vacation in Jordan(freaking out!)

  1. I am so happy to be back. Spent my whole summer in Jordan. The last time i been there, i was 5. It was very nice. Had over 30 cousins. Had so much fun. The only negative things, had no car for 2 months, thats what killed me. Driving there is almost impossible, crazy arab drives..lol They have there hands permanently attached to the horn. The only way of transportation is a taxi, and if they know you are from America the over charge you.. which sucks. I know how to speak arabic, but they still can tell i am not from jordan. I was freaking out when i came back because as soon as a came back from jordan i just wanted to eat pizza(over there they have no good pizza) so i bought a 2L pepsi bottle, and i just freaked out, it looked like it shrunk, and got smaller. I thought they changed the bottle size, all my friends thought i was crazy. This happened cause over there they have long soda bottles, so i got used to the bottles there. I appreciate my life so much more.
  2. That's cool. I hope you had a great time. Yes, when you go somewhere away from home, you tend to miss it. Especially if it's completely different from what you are usually used to. Sounds really amazing though. 30 cousins?? Wow! Sounds fun!
  3. Welcome back!!!!
    Its cool to see and hear about other countries....Im fascinated by different customs....languages...etc!
  4. Ya it was a lot of fun. The cousins ages ranged from 8 months to 21 years old. But forgot to tell you those 30 cousins are only from my moms side. The cousins at my dads side was about 14. It was overwhelming trying to get to know them. When i left it was so hard to say goodbye... The other thing that was so cool, was the prices. Ciggs where $1.20 for pack of marlboros.
  5. Prince - sounds like a wonderful trip. Have you been to Egypt or Turkey? DH & I are going there in '08 & I'd just like to get others opinions.
    Thanks - BTW I would really miss the kind of pizza you can get in the USA!
  6. I have a friend from Iran & she said gas is 23 cents a gallon there!
  7. It was a wonderful experience. When i went the Amman there main city, the people just kept staring. And alot of people came up to me and asked for money, mostly homeless kids. Some kid came up to me and begged for money, i told him i had no money. He stared hugging me and would not let go. So i told my sister to give him a dinar. The kid was so happy. For him 1 dinar seemed like a $1000.
  8. My cousin went to Turkey before, He told me its beautiful there. Egypt is also nice, gets very hot though, but very little humidity, so its not that bad. Driving is another issue. Its very tough to drive any where in the middle east. They don't really have a good system. That is one thing they need to really improve. Ive never been to Egypt but ill assume its similar to jordan.
  9. Sounds like you had a lot of fun...I would love to visit Jordan one day.
    You have such a large family! I only have three cousins.
  10. Jordan's a beautiful country. I have been several times, and each time I like it a bit more... ;)
  11. Sounds like you had an amazing eye-opening time!!!
  12. Really, what was your favorite spot, or favorite thing to do there. I liked the city swafeeya. Everything there was modern. And Jerash, my great grandfather owned 1/4 of jerash. To bad they sold all there land back then. :crybaby:
  13. did you take any pics? I would love to see photos of Jordan. All we ever see here in the states of the middle east is....well...you know.
  14. Prince your vacation sounds amazing!!!!

    Did you visit the city of Petra? Jerash? Azrak? Cliche, I know!!
  15. Sounds like you had a great time!! Please post pics if you have them. I would love to one day go to a middle eastern country like Jordan, I just find the culture and language interesting, I am trying to learn arabic right now, and hopefully one day be fluent.
    Welcome back!