Just Called Outlet..About Hampton Weekend

  1. I have made a decision to purchase this bag
    then I read a post that there may be something similiar at the outlet, so I called and they said they do have a collection of Hamptons Weekend bags in pink, white blue and black, but they would not give me a price..can anyone comment on what the look of them might be compared to this one? I really like this one..do you think the outlet ones have a "cheaper" look to them? I am becoming obsessed, I think I have a problem! Thanks!
  2. Hello! If you check out this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/urgh-need-help-deciding-what-to-keep-99758.html - there is a lilac Hamptons nylon bag in the Picture Titled "Tough Decision". It is in Post #7 of that thread... I like it, it has held up really well, considering I've had it since 2005, I think - I can't remember. I'm not sure what the current totes at the outlet look like though, good luck!!;)
  3. My outlet had a few left but only in the black...sorry I didn't look at prices.
  4. Why woudln't they give you a price? That's weird. I called the Leesburg outlet in VA two weeks ago b/c I live in NJ and I was going to visit my parents that following week. I had to put a madison lurex flap in gold on hold for me after finding out what the price was. You should try calling them again and maybe if someone else picks up, they'll give you the price?
  5. I have a pink version of the bag Bags4Bubbles mentioned. I use mine mostly for going to classes and for the occasional over-night. It has held up most excellently and is VERY easy to clean if something gets on it. If the price is right and that is the version the outlet has, I'd definitely recommend it!
  6. i highly recomend the outlet bag because it holds up so well and does not look cheap at all!
  7. so i stopped by the outlets today and the hamptons bags they have are more of a boxy shape (kinda like the diaper bags, but longer vertically). they had them in light blue, pink, and white at the lahaska outlet, but i didn't check the prices. they just look like new versions of the ones from last year or two years ago, and they also have really small handbag versions. i personally like the full price versions a lot more, but the outlet ones are great bags to throw around and they are just so versatile!
  8. Crap, I want a lilac one or pink. I have to check my outlets now.
  9. they also had black, they MAY have had lilac! definitely call and check your outlet. :smile:
  10. I agree.
  11. The large one is $249 and the smaller one is $149. The Atlantic city store had them in turquoise, pink & black. They also had cosmetic cases ($39) & wristlets ($29) in those colors.

    I was there yesterday. They had lots of bags!

    Hope this helps!

    ETA: They were very nice looking. Very sturdy and pretty. I would have bought one, but I decided to pay for my best friend to go on a cruise with me instead.