Just called Lincoln City, OR outlet...

  1. White and Turquoise Ergos coming to outlet early in the week. Carlys in canvas also coming too. She said "no pond" at this location... :sad:
  2. Did she give any firm dates for the 4th of July sale starting late next week?
  3. yeah any news on sale? if someone is planning a trip down there I would love to do a group thing and go together.
  4. I can't make it over the 4th -- bummer! Maybe I could pitch in for gas (for whoever drives) and send a little shopping list for those that can make the trip :smile:
  5. Hi ladies! I'm hoping to head down there early this week. I'll let you know if/when I make it out there and maybe I can pick up a few things.

    I called them this morning to ask about pond myself and got the same answer. I'm hoping they are wrong though! I'm going to call back on monday and see if they have received the transfers yet. I'll have to wait until wednesday if they haven't by then.
  6. Hi everyone!! Love the Lincoln City Coach outlet!!! I hope to get there before the month ends...especially if the sale starts before the 4th and not after. I will have to call and see if I can get any details. Also, they are having a promotion where if you purchase a $150 (or more) gift card from the center office you get a $10 one free (promotion ends on 6/30...I think I understand all the details on that correctly). Just wanted to mention that in case you didn't know. The info is on their (Tanger) website. That extra $10 could come in handy.

    If any of you get there be sure to let us know what you find!!
  7. Last time I was there I left empty handed. I was so sad. They did have a bag I was in love with. It was a Hamptons Signature studded large hobo with navy blue leather trim. Style 10314. It was too expensive for me though. It was $359 with 20% off. Will you all think happy thoughts for me that it will be marked down more and part of a larger sale. I really want it. They seemed to have more than a few of them so maybe I will get lucky.
  8. KymAnn -- I haven't been over there for literally years. What type of items do they seem to be stocking? :shrugs:
  9. I just about made my post when my computer crashed...let me try again...

    I was there about 2 weeks ago. They had a lot of signature which I love!! They also have a lot of all leather too. They had a bunch of styles of pastel patchwork bags. Ingigo blue patchwork hobos ( I regret not picking one of those up, but they had a few so maybe they will still have one when I get back). Signature patchwork bags with crimson trim and also some with white trim. Hamptons weekend bags. This outlet is great because they never seem too busy. Sounds like some of the other outlets can get a little crazy. Also, for all of you that haven't been there in awhile they moved down a few stores. Don't panic when you don't see them in their usualy location. They are there!!
  10. Super, thanks! One last bothersome question, much in accessories? Keyfobs/charms, wallets, etc?
  11. I wish I could get there soon but doesnt look like that will happen. Car is having work done because someone decided to hit the backend and a part is on backorder. :sad:

  12. They always have a lot of key fobs up by the registers. They had a bin of the letter charms for $10 each. I wish they had a "K" , but no luck on that for me. I don't remember seeing a lot of wallets, but I wan't looking. I just got one in Feburary, but they probably had a few. lots of wristlets though.
  13. Just remembered. A lot of lavender leather accessories were marked down and in the clearance section.
  14. I need absolutely NOTHING, but that dang lure of the potential missed bargain keeps calling! :p

  15. I agree. My outlet trip was suppose to be August but I really want to go see the sale. D%^& person who hit my car. Errr..I was mad that they hit my perfect condition car but now I am really mad that they are standing in the way of me and a Coach outlet sale.:cursing::censor::mad::rant: