Just called JAX about Legacy Shoulder Bag

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  1. They said teal, whiskey, black, camel, clay, sunflower and 'gia' are available. Doesn't that seem like an awful lot of colors still available? I verified the colors and style number twice. May call back. Does anyone know what 'gia' is? Also, I'm assuming 'clay' is a gray color.
  2. I just called also and the young person I spoke with was as usual confused - however, I will trust you all about the older Legacy not being on the exclusion list. Here is my question - which shoulder bag were you checking on?? 11127 or 10328?? Mercy, it's enough to drive you to the *bay, really it is!
  3. I'm pretty sure it's the 11127 because 10328 never came in the teal, sunflower, clay, etc.
  4. I just called yesterday regarding 11127 and was told sunflower was sold out company wide? guess I got to call again later.
  5. Here's a weird question... have they marked them down? Or are they still full price? I've ordered a couple things from JAX recently and they have been on "clearance" so to speak... just curious if the reps mentioned the price?
  6. $448 but if you ordered thru a store you could use the PCE on them
  7. Thank you selketkrb! :tup:
  8. I hate callling Jax for this reason. They always seem to give me a different story from the next. No idea what "gia" is...lol! The 11127 is at the outlet now for $143 I believe:smile:
  9. Yes, it was the 11127. But BEWARE, when you get to your boutique to order they may not be able to pull up certain colors even though JAX says they are available. This happened to me earlier this afternoon w/the Bridgit. My boutique couldn't pull up camel even though I called JAX two times this morning and was told there were 39 camel bags left! FRUSTERATING!
  10. Could gia be gardenia? I didn't think the shoulder bags came in that color, except for the spectator ones...which were gardenia with dark brown trim.

    And clay??? They still have clay shoulder bags??? :drool::wtf::nuts: I thought those were long gone! That's one of my HG bags!!! But not for full price. Bummer. :tdown:
  11. This is the EXACT same thing that happened to me yesterday at the boutique with the new Legacy Satchels. I had called JAX the night prior to check colors and they gave me all six colors its available in. Then when I got into the boutique and asked if they could order me one in bronze they looked it up and said its not an available option, so I thought that maybe JAX had given me the wrong info and I chose another bag I COULD get in bronze instead. On a whim I called JAX when I got home, different associate, same six colors given again. So now I have to figure out how I can swap the bags out. :cursing:
  12. Check the outlets, I got a sunflower at the outlets a few weeks back.
  13. I saw a clay '07 shoulder bag at the outlet 3 mos. ago for $160. I already had it in black so wasn't interested. They also used to have raisin, juniper for $160 back then.
  14. Last PCE I wanted a bag and went into the boutique after calling JAX and was told nothing was available in the bag I wanted. I left the store and called JAX on my cell and low and behold it was available so I marched right back in and handed them my cellphone and was able to complete the transcation.
  15. Wow, wish I had thought about that. Too late now! But quick thinking on your part.

    I don't see why YOU should have to call JAX, as the customer. The boutiques should have access to the same information as JAX. This completely irritates me and I plan to tell Customer Service ALL about it. Wonder if they're still open now!